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1) Flag of washinton DC is from the Washington family coat of arms
2) Exitus acta probat=the proof is in the end
3) Pierre Charles L’Enfant
a) Designer of Washignton DC
b) Layed out grid system with avenues and streets
c) Capitol building was center of L’enfant’s plans
d) Buried in Arlington national cemetery to overlook the city he built
4) Capitol hille) Origionally called Jenkin’s hill
f) Jefferson suggested changing the name of the hill to one of the seven of rome, Capitoline hill
g) 3 buildings of Rep offices (house office building) 435 members
5) Speaker Joseph Cannon (R, IL)
h) Cover story of time magazine, 1923, first person on cover of time magazine
6) Speaker Nicholas Longsworth (R, OH)
i)Married to Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longsworth
j) President Theodore Roosevelt (alice’s father)
k) Longsworth elected speaker in 1925
7) Speaker Sam Rayburn (
l) Rayburn building is where the members with most senority have their offices
m) Longest serving speaker of the house in USA history
i) Speaker from 1940-1947, 1949-1953, 1955-1961
8) Senateoffice buildings, 100 members
n) Senator Richard russel, (D, GA)
9) Senator everet McKinley Dirksen (R, IL)
o) First to push for civil rights bill
p) 1951-1969
10)  Philip Hart (D, MI)
q) “Concience of the senate
r) Catholic
s) Graduated Georgetown university
t) US Army Dday invasion at Normandy, France in WWII
u) 1959-1976 servedin senate
11) Library of Congress
v) “Thomas Jefferson building”
w) Library of congress= John adams building, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison building
12) National mall
x) Smithsonian institute
ii) James Smithson—started Smithsonian institute
y) National air and space museum
iii) The write brothers from ohio at kitty hawk, NorthCarolina in 1903 wright flyer
iv) Spirit of saint Louis flown by Charles Lindbergh
v) Bell` X-1 first plane to break sound barrier flown by Chuck Yeager in 1947
vi) USA-USSR Apollo-Soyuz mission 1975, first joint misión between USSR AND USA
z) National museum of American History
vii) ELI Whitney’s cotton gin
viii) Flag from FortMcHenry—inspired star spangled banner, national anthem
13) National museum of American Indian
{) Only museum dedicated to one specific group
14) National Gallery of Art
|) John Russel pope-architect
ix) National gallery dc
x) Designed Jefferson memorial.
xi) Designed national archives
}) Has the only Leonardo da vinci painting in America—GinervaDe’Benci
15) National gallery of art east wing
~) Has no right angles
) Designed by I M Pei(architect of east wing)
xii) Also designed Bank of china in hong kong,
xiii) Rock and roll hall of fame in cleavland,
xiv) JFK library in Boston,
xv) Lourve pyramid in Paris  
16) Arlington national cemetery
) Originally house of RobertE. LEE
) Arlington house used as hospital
) President John F Kennedy, November 22, 1963, buried with his wife and two kids
) Two presidents buried, Howard Taft and JFK
17) US airforce memorial, Arlington Virginia
) Designed after “Bomb Burst” Maneuver
) Airmen medal of honor Recipients, United States air force memorial      
) Eddie RickenabkerWorld war I Ace medal of honor, founder of Easster
) Churches of Washington D.C
xvi) Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
(1) Biggest Catholic church in the United States
) Washington National Cathedral
xvii) Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
(2) Biggest Gothic church in the United States and...
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