Magentic trains

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Magnetic levitation trains, or maglev trains, are very interesting transportation devices. A maglev train is a high-speed transportation device that uses the forces of repulsion (to keep the trainuplifted from the guide way) and attraction (to propel the train forward) to keep a train moving on a single track suspended very high in the air. The idea of maglev has been around since 1900 whenRobert Goddard and Emily Bachlette came up with the idea of a train without friction. The maglev train is different than many other trains for many reasons; for instance, there is no steering wheel ortrain track in the maglev system because the basic principles of magnets replace them. There is also no physical contact between the vehicle and the track, the vehicle and the track can stand up to 3.93inches away from each other; the only friction is between the train and the air. The lack of friction between the train and the rail means that the Maglev train can travel very fast, about 310 milesper hour (twice as fast as Amtrak's fastest train) with less energy consumption than normal trains and lower noise levels than regular trains. Not only that, but two trains can pass each other atmaximum relative speeds of 1,026 km/h.
There are 3 types of magnetic levitation technology. One uses super-conducting magnets (or, electrodynamic suspension) The way that works is that there aresuperconductor electromagnets on the train to generate a magnetic field, and there are propulsion coils on the guideway that are used to exert force on the magnets, thus making the train move forward. Thatworks the same way as an electric motor because there is alternating current traveling through the coils and that causes a varied magnetic field that moves along the track. In order for the train tomove, the magnets on the train have to line up with this magnetic field. The train is guided and can levitate because of a current in a different set of coils. These coils are figure eight shaped; the...
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