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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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Although I do not know is true. I heard my grandmother, who is to the moon.

This year has finally come to an end.
The eleventh full moon night. After another month of this year will gone, relentlessly to meet next year.
To like it when no one can guarantee a transparent jellyfish, when we are still alive.
For humans now, sun and the moon is already lost something. "Dead" This wordapplies to all things on. Listen heritage that people hold the past than it is now brighter values. Calendar is not intended to consumption, but used as a cycle, cycle of things look like.
Simple terms, is the same information repeatedly. Further savings should have limits. Although the people of the past quite a luxury, but our eyes it seems they have gone too far too frugal.
Western calendar isnow about three thousand years or so.
Humans have been finished long ago, no guarantee can cycle per day, relative to no one disputes, to spend several thousand years of human civilization, built up in the sky have been discarded, I casually ignore a few of the tenth propose, in today's day, from the vantage of the high-island coastline.

"The sky in water in the water with the sky themoon in the sky with scattered sea"

I looked at the shining sea, unconsciously hum grandmother taught me to sing the song.
Correct for this song is passed down from grandmother's grandmother, although able to hear a single word means, but still can not determine the true meaning of them. Although I have not the nerve to speak ill of her grandmother, but she's really too interested in girls toofar. Clearly visible in the residual (end) of the day, she was like a person living in a dream.
Great-grandmother mother and grandmother still has the same interest in each, I heard the same is also a beauty. Very sorry, my appearance would leak a little. Neither as beautiful as her mother, even worse, is still a lack of girl's temperament. Even so suitors just keep on coming, thanks to theisland had to credit it.

"Oh there island you come back?"

When I looked up the sky to feel the wind, just to see a dark head-wind to the aircraft.
"H", it sends power and prestige of driving sound.
The last moon floating on the cover of civilization. It can be said is that it's heritage. Blunt heavy steel body shining bright light, the sky and flew towards the east.
Click fall signals, iscoupled with the sixteenth.
Moreover this is a new record. I made this one than before too unreasonable problems, less than a day's time to put the suitor driven back. Although the other angry that this problem is unprecedented in this island, but today I am no way he could get. Why did he happens to pick the full moon day. He should observe the presence of the atmosphere. Although oxygen is thinnerthan before, but falling in love, then he must have these basic common sense.
I live in Block Island is a small population of less than fifty people colonies. With the existence of the city across the island, far away in the distance. There are no ports, covered with crescent-shaped island on the coast of the unique coral reefs. These residents of the island's coral reefs, then common enough,but the people of the city department seems even more valuable than precious stones.
From the grandmother's era, the island was regarded as sacred. Strictly prohibited from entering the sea, the only open class aircraft that have more talent valuables land. I will be known as the Princess, but also because of the local people who, this island is special. "Star of Hope Renaissance man", they are socalled. Although for us, these are just a very routine, when it will end, but not too concerned about the environment, nothing more.

"It's regrettable. Even if it seems to fly in the sky, the moon is no way to get the fish it."

Every time I would make unreasonable challenge to the suitors.
The moon is the subject of fish.
Moon is a unilateral passage of the world. Although there were...
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