Making walls quiet

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2012
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Making Walls Quiet

Making Walls Quiet
A review of various fallacies, issues, and successful assemblies

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Making Walls Quiet

Making Walls Quiet
Over the years, many techniques have been used to enhance the transmission loss through residential and commercial walls. Many of theserequire unusual or difficult construction techniques that may not be followed accurately by an installer. As technology has given way to new materials, the more exotic construction techniques can bereduced back to standard single wood or steel stud construction. Furthermore, new technology allows easy, fast, and low cost retrofitting in existing structures (including homes and offices) where the olddrywall does not have to be removed to achieve large increases in Sound Transmission Class ratings. The advent of high quality audio systems and home theaters has changed the environment completely.Where hotels, motels, homes, condos and apartments previously only needed to deal with isolating a neighbors voice, we all must now contend with loud movies coming from next door, even when theysimply have a good television. Given today’s needs for high quality transmission loss in walls, it is important to rethink the original standards of STC 34 walls and start thinking about raising thetransmission loss by 20dB - 30dB or more to provide a high quality living environment for all. Of course, with good progress over the years have also come many fallacies. Even today, some merchants sell avariety of materials to unsuspecting contractors and homeowners based on fallacies which have been pervasive for years. A few of these are:


What they said

What it actually does

Fillthe wall with egg cartons Put acoustic insulation in wall Put mass loaded vinyl under drywall Add another layer of drywall Use foam as a barrier

“Will improve loss by 10dB” “Will fix everything”...
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