Making a difference in someone's life

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Maria Cristina Arevalo Silva
Journal entry # 8

Making a difference

I remember a time when I made a positive difference in a friend of mine. I had some problems with him, and we didnot talk to each other for a long time because he had been so rude with me. He had a girlfriend in that time and he cheated on her, when I knew this I was so angry and disappointed with him.
Afterhis girlfriend knew about that situation, they split up then he started to drink almost every day. He felt so alone and so guilty, he realized that he really loved to his girlfriend too mucho. I usedto talk to him and try to make him not to drink so often, but he did not pay attention to me.
One night he called and told me that he felt so alone, and he wanted some help maybe a friend like me ormaybe God. I thought about a spiritual retreat with the group of the church and I told him about it. He agreed with me and decided to go for the weekend. During the retreat he could know more aboutGod and feel that he had new opportunities in his life. I talked to him and offered my shoulder to cry, he knew that he could count with me always.
I told him that we sometimes make mistakes, but whatis really important is to recognize that we did wrong, and try over again. I also told him that it did not matter if he had been such a bad boy, because God would have his arms opened to receive himevery time.
When he arrived home, he called to his ex-girlfriend and apologized for what he had done. He started going to church and he also joined to the group. He is now the most active person inthe group, he is always worried about helping to people. He says: I have felt so good since I knew to God more, he is my strength and I am able to do all things through, who gives me strength.Nowadays, his parents are really happier than ever with him, and he is doing a lot of charity. He is just a new person, a better person. When I think about him and talk to him, I feel that I did my best...
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