Making a difference in the world

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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The pollution is a big problem in the world, but we’ve had a bad attitude about this topic, because many people are conscious and are doing something to help the planet, butmost of the people prefer to avoid it, and they take us to THE END, but they don’t like the idea of the climate change, and catastrophes. People that thing to this form, definitely won’t progress intheir life, because they are conformist and can’t have goals or fight to their dreams. People don’t know that the pollution is conformed by the water, the atmosphere, all the visual facts, the noise,the air pollution, the lights, the radioactive rays, etc. With this, we can understand why the pollution is destroying our planet. This problem is also use the energy because in the past, they usedresources to make energy, example; while China was using the natural gas and the carbon, the Middle East used the oil. And will probably be worst if we don’t do anything to replace the damage.

In thepast was a big change with how produce the energy, our forefathers invented good things that help to the evolution. The first invents was the sunlight, the wind, water pumping, mills, grain milling,etc. This invents used to help but had problems because this invents didn’t use to be 100 % sure. With pass of the time they find resources that used to help and made energy but they didn’t see thatused them was doing a big problem that in the actually we can see.

Like I said before, most of the people aren’t interested in the solution. But I have to talk about few people that contribute tosave the planet and the resources (that we need to live) they are doctors, ecologist, until an ordinary person like you or me. The doctors or the scientists work in a solution with their ideas about theworld, with scientific stuff and technology experimentation to detect or remove a problem. The ecologist works to care the nature, when they protect the fauna and flora with their opinions about the...
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