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the characters of this movie are Baskerville Guillermo, English Franciscan of the century fourteen, with a past of inquiring, Adso of Melk, Guillermo apprentice and it contributes information for thecases, Jorge of Burgos, the era a blind man, the librarian of the abbey, determined to hide a book, of Aristotle, supposedly dedicated to the comedy, since for the laugh meant the demon's call.several monks like Michele of Cesena existed, Bernardo Gui, Bertrando, Adelmo the first one kills, specialist Venancio of the Greek, second kill, the librarian's Berengario monk assistant, third kill,Severino monks herbalist fourth kills, Malaquias librarian, fifth kills, Abbone abbot of the ministry sixth kills, Bencio Swedish monk, rhetoric student, Alinardo, era the monk but old man of the abbey,Remigio monk cillerero of the monastery, Salvatore monk assistant of Remigio, Nicola monk glazier, Aymaro gossipy monk, Hugo Franciscan theologian and for finish the peasant from the near town to theabbey, of which Adso falls in love although he doesn't know its name.
the first name of the movie was the abbey of the crime you change for the name of the rose", it was chosen by the symbolic figureof the rose that was very dense and full with meanings, the enigma of the I title he/she united to the verb in Latin that closed the movie.
The movie begins appearing a dead in a medievalmonastery. To investigate the case the Santa Inquisition he sends a man, Guillermo of Baskerville, and to their assistant, Adso.
Conform these they go investigating they go appearing other dead’s and thiscauses that the monks lose temper and begin to attribute the deaths to different prophecies related with the devil, since all the dead’s appear with the same characteristics: - The black language,stains of ink in the fingers and after having been in the library.
Guillermo wants to consent to the library but nobody allows him to enter to this, since for the monks it is a study place and...
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