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Student’s Name | : | Nadia Cabrera |
Teacher’s Name | : | blasuwwa |
Dictionary Used | : | Oxford dictionary |
Course | : | AS5 | Time | : | 5:30 - 7:30 |

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Summary (150 to 300 words)
This article is about Greenland, a country that is being severely affected by the climate change and also about the consequences that it hasbrought to the citizens and the tourism.Greenland has the size of Mexico, consequently, it is one of the largest islands in the world. Nonetheless it has a small population and the third part of itsinhabitants live in the capital named “Nuk”.This last period of time Greenland has experimented an increase in the amount of people that visits it, especially by ships. One of the main consequences ofthis improvement in the tourism is that the 80 percent of the ice that covers the surface of the island is melting and many tourists stated that they want to visit Greenland because they want to see thepolar bears before they got extinct.Greenlanders have different expectations of the consequences that this changes are going to bring to their country, On one hand they will be able to explore theland that now is totally covered by ice and even develop some crops there, but in the other hand their traditional way of life is going to be affected, especially in people that hunt, fish and use dogsleds as a way of transportation.Another important fact in the climate change of Greenland is that the emissions of CO2 are increasing due to the fact that more people is travelling there. Despite ofthe emissions, tourism is beneficial because people can see the real consequences of global warming with their own eyes and realize that they need to make a change in their lives no matter from whichcountry they come from. |

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I really like this article because it shows how the global warming...
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