Man and woman like the sky and the ocean

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2010
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Man and Woman like the Sky and the Ocean

Life and death, light and darkness, the air and the earth…all these things are so different and incompatible at the first sight, actually they form thething we call Nature. Nature is that power that gives life to everything that surrounds us today. Without it there would be no tomorrow, there wouldn’t be a sun to warm our days, there wouldn’t be wind,to take away our problems and there wouldn’t be love to cause all these things.
During the years the most important aim of the nature spirit was to alive everything: a tree, a flower a bird and theman. But to give life without a hope, is the same thing that to say that you have no tomorrow. That’s why nature takes care of everything and everyone. Nobody in this world is alone, somewhere you willfind your place, near your soul mate, because what you have in you is just a shadow of it.
In this way nature created a man and a woman. A heart in two bodies, but no one knows this. During thecenturies the relation between these two camps has been in a continue changing.
Man and woman have the same connection between them like the sky and the ocean. The Ocean represents the strongest sex,while the sky the most beautiful. There can’t be a storm in the Ocean before there isn’t a fortune in the sky. In the same time, the Ocean will never stop it’ s billows in the bad weather until the skysays “enough”. The Ocean and the Sky have a perfect relation. Without one of them you can’t see the beauty and the contribution of another. Without sky you will never see the beauty of the ocean.Everything depends on it, even the color, the mood, the sparkle and the temperature of water. Without sky you will never find the necessity of the Ocean.
They quarrel all the time, but the mostinteresting in all this is that after all this misunderstandings , the storms, thunders and gales, there is a very small period of time, when the sky and the ocean merge in one another’s arms. Such moments...
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