Man in search of meaning

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2010
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“The man in search for meaning” is written by Victor Frankl, a Jewish psychiatrist. In the book he tells us about his experience in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.
Thedifference between other books that talk also about concentration camps and Frankl’s book is that Victor Frankl doesn’t focus in the physical torture or pain, he focus on the psychological situationhumans experienced in this situation.
The most relevant and interesting I found in the book are some observations Frankl did about the reactions and phases humans passed during this experience.
He saysthat at first the person enters in a state of shock, that he can’t assume the reality and isn’t aware of what is happening. After this, the person still has hope of surviving, this occurs before aperson is going to die.
These were the first symptoms, after this the person realizes that he had lost all, he starts having a “humor macabro” and starts thinking about the suicide.
He also says thatpeople became insensible and that they felt like nothing matters.
Frankl say that the survivors were the ones that find the meaning in their live and that love is what keeps people alive.
I wasalso surprised when I read all the horrible things they suffered, I was only conscious about the gas chambers, and the hunger they suffered and the basic things people say; That why this book isdifferent, is written by a man that was in there and tell us what he, felt, saw, and suffer.
I think is interesting how Victor explain person’s reactions at this situation. I also realized that thereactions and phases they passed we can passed them for different situations and we are no conscious about them, is like a mechanism we have.
I completely agree with what Frankl said that love keepspeople alive, just think about this. In any kind of situation where someone is having a bad time, a problem or is in a horrible situation; the person needs a reason to keep going through all, to have a...
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