Manabi gastronomy

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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2012
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Definitely one of the most representatives of the province of Manabí icons is its gastronomy. Ceviches, empanadas, corviches, Munch, viches, sweets “powdered” are a tradition fromNorth to South in Manabí. Each canton has its strong in gastronomic terms, for example cannot taste sweets when you visit Rocafuerte or a tasty ceviche in the capital of tuna, Manta, the curds in Junín,which is nothing more than cut milk that makes the cheese, the flock, is a species of torta de banana or the buns in Portoviejo.
In this province, corn and peanuts are important ingredients in thelocal cuisine. Both are used to make sal prieta and season many typical dishes from Manabí, like encebollados, ayacas (corn tamales filled with peanuts and chicken, wrapped in a banana leaf), banana andpeanut tortillas, menestras (a delicious dry lentil, or bean, stew), and seco de chivo (a marvellous goat dish), Corn tortillas with pig rinds. To drink, you can try guarapo, fermented sugarcanejuice.
The preparation of various dishes is very special and a great part of them are based on seafood, banana, peanut butter, cheese and fine spices, becoming a stunning gastronomic offer that attractslocals and outsiders: blood sausage, white serum, the viche, casserole, the bread of starch, the Ceviche, delicious sweets, the corviches, empanadas and of course the prieta saltthey are just some ofthe delights that can be tested at every turn in this impressive province.

We do this work with the purpose of knowing the gastronomic identity of our canton Manabí, this province islegendary for its beautiful beaches, and the most beautiful of Ecuador has a great wealth of history and a glorious past.
Carry out this project shows us that Manabí is not only local gastronomy itis also handicrafts, religious fervor, hullabaloo and beauty and cradle of illustrious men and heroic, it is strength and progress. Manabí is history.

Manabí Gastronomy
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