Management gurus

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Management Gurus
Level 4 Consultant Editor: David Evans Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter

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Business Wordlist
accountant branch capital compete consultant contract corporationdeal expand finances industry loss negotiate objective partnership profit risk sack share stock exchange a person who reports the financial health of a business a part of a large organization, often a shop or an office money that helps to build a new business to try to win a person who gives business advice a formal legal agreement a big company to buy and sell to increase or grow the amount ofmoney that a business or person has a type of business the amount of money that a business loses to try to come to an agreement with another person a business aim a business that is owned by two or more people money that is made in business the danger of losing money to tell someone to leave their job a piece of paper that says that you own a part of a company a place where people buy and sellshares


The Gurus in this Book
Frederick Taylor (1856—1917) the man who believed that management was a science. For most of the last century almost every business person believed him. Alfred P. Sloan (1875-1966) the man who made General Motors the biggest, richest and most powerful company of all time. How did he do it? Peter Drucker (1909-) the man who invented modern management and saw allthe changes of the modern world many years before they happened. Tom Peters (1942— ) the pop star of the management world. You either hate him or you love him, but you have to listen to what he says. Rosabeth Moss Kanter (1943—) the woman who said that business was competing in a company Olympics. So what does a company need to do to succeed? Charles Handy (1932—) the man who suggests that 'upsidedown' thinking is the solution to the problems of the modern business world. But what exactly does he mean? Management Gurus is for people who want to find out about why the modern business world works like it does!


'I know nothing. In this world we all know nothing. Zero. And do you know why? It's because the business world is changing too quickly.'. . . A few people nowstart to laugh. So the man on the stage stops and points at them. 'Why are you laughing? General Motors was the biggest company in the world. It was probably a hundred times bigger than your company. And its managers were probably a hundred times better too. But their problem was that they thought they knew it all and, really, they knew nothing. And that is my message today.' The people who are...
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