Managerial excellence

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It’s an Islam approach in which people or companies train their employees and provide them with skills for their effective functioningand thereby build loyalty among them. Indoctrination courses are given to employees to nurture total commitment to the organization. Individual guidance programsare as important as group training programs.
This model aims at maximizing the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness at all levels both horizontally andvertically. With the individual as the key foundation, this model projects a comprehensive picture at the universal level. Excellence is an intrinsic art and aninherent attitude. Excellence is not about winning every time in one’s tasks and missions. It is not driven by the sole objective of achieving success at any cost.It is not a constricted approach to finish the task on hand either by hook or crook with an eye on the fruit of such action. Excellence is a holistic way oflife of fulfillment and not a temporary strategy to win something somehow every time. Excellence is driven by enthusiasm and zest to perform to the fullest capacityand potentials of a person without an eye on what he may get out of it. The end objective does not drive the process as the pursuit of excellence is based oninspiration, involvement, dedication, commitment, collaboration and completeness so as to bring the best out of all resources deployed in any given environment.--------------------------------------------
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