Managing people and organsations

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Case: Susan Green

Question 1 - Advise Susan on what approach she should take to “effectiveness” in setting objectives and parameters for the management of the new facility. Justify the approach you would recommend.

On one hand, objectives between Susan and Beavis are clearly in conflict. Susan’s objectives are mainly influenced by the patients residing at thehospital, employees who are daily working there, the excellent reputation for which the hospital is known and the importance for Trust to implement this project with Beavis. Additionally, since Trust is a public organisation representing part of the NHS, public opinion will play an important role once the facilities have been set up.

On the other hand, Susan cannot take for granted Beavis´ mainobjectives – maximising financial return. Trust wants Beavis to build the facilities and its importance has already been made obvious to Susan. Should Susan want to demonstrate her capability without anyone’s support, as it is her will, she will have to maintain the balance in order for the project to be carried out.

In order to achieve organisational effectiveness, I consider apluralistic/political approach optimal for the situation by which a stakeholder model is underpinned. Susan needs to cultivate the relationship amongst the various stakeholders and keep them in balance so that long-term viability is achieved. The balanced scorecard should be considered in this situation so that the key elements may be brought together without neglecting any one area. Notions of equity will needto be shown by Susan at all levels with stakeholders. She will have to convince Beavis that while financial return should be pursued, so should the values, needs and fairness with patients and employees as well as the reputation for the hospital in the public arena.

Examples of equity to be addressed at the meeting may be as follows

▪ While reasonable prices are given to the employeesand patients (maybe discount vouchers), a different price may be charged to the external public who comes and visit the patients.

▪ Although general public is allowed to use the retail units, invasion of the hospital by general public should be avoided (possible external advertising and promotion not allowed). Thus, the good image of the hospital continues being the source of much prideamongst the local population.

▪ A possibility of public funds may be studied by Trust in order to attract more healthy food and drink operators for the units to be covered.

Question 2 – Give some illustrations of the way by which Susan “creates” her self-identity. What factors influence this process? Can you detect any tensions?

Susan creates her self-identity based on the idiographictheory. She believes her individual self-image comes from the ways in which she perceives that others act towards her and interactions with others, within different social contexts. Susan’s process and the factors by which it is influenced, and that will eventually give rise to tension, is illustrated as a self-reflection of Susan. She will search for the professional and personal success.Professionally, Susan has a desire to seek positive evaluation which motivates her search for self-identity. Some examples maybe as follows

▪ Her admiration for the CEO of Arlington and the fact that he is a close friend with the Chairman. The feeling of being in debt.

▪ Her desire about being unique and to be seen as independent and capable of doing the tasks without anyone’s help.▪ She wants to be accepted by Beavis´ team and she wants to dress accordingly.

Susan presents herself in a way she thinks appropriate to the situation. Her actions are guided by who she thinks she is and who she wishes to become (IM).

Personally (home), she feels more relaxed and is more “true to herself” although she still practices IM. An example is as follows

▪ While Susan’s...
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