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In 1738 by Don Pedro Menéndez Valdés was founded officially in . It was the ninth town in receiving the blessing of the Spanish crown in Puerto Rico. The first Spanish townestablished Juan Ponce of Leon, in Manatí, attracted by the wealth of the valley and the gold promises in the Manatuabón River. After as resulting from constructing to the first structures in theborders of the river and the violent swells of our waters, they leave the place to found Villa Earnest money.
One tells that Manatí was baptized with that name by the abundance in its waters of themanatí marine mammal. Others assure that its name has an indigenous origin, derivative of the name of the river that the first inhabitants called Manatuabón River. As resulting from its great development inthe cultural field, during the first decades of century XX was baptized to him like “the Athens Of Puerto Rico”. It is fertile earth area bathed by springs, water-bearing, lagoons, beaches and theimpressive and mighty River Grande de Manatí.

Manatí happens to be city as of July of 1994 due one to its economic and industrial development. Due to this fact the shield of used Manatísince then lets have three towers in its crown mural and happened to have five, characteristic of the cities. As of that Manatí moment it begins to know itself like “Metropolitan City”.Manatí has been a city focused in acquiring the latest in technology for the benefit of its citizens. In March 5 of 1998, Manatí makes history when it begins to work Athens Internet; the first supplier ofInternet at global level administered by a municipality.

Day 4 of November of 2002 the implementation of the Codes of Public Order for the Urban Helmet of Manatí was begun. Thisinitiative must like intention establish essential norms to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Que bonito ver las grandezas
de la tierra en que nací....
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