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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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Lucia Sarmiento

Nelson Mandela, a man of peace.

In the early months of 1918 in Transkei a man was born that would change all the history of people steeped in oppression and racism. NelsonMandela was a lawyer, the first black president of South Africa and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Its beginnings were in a non-racist protest in his country, leading a group to negotiate amultiracial democracy in South Africa. He joined the African National Congress in 1944 and was engaged in resistance against the ruling National Party's apartheid policies. The apartheid was a phenomenon ofracial segregation in South Africa introduced by English and Dutch settlers as a symbol of a succession of political, economic, social and racial. Mandela change South Africa, in order to make it freefrom oppression with the help of various interests in Congress and protest against racism.
Nelson Mandela works for the transformation of the ANC (African National Congress) which had previouslyexpressed their demands in a mass movement with a program of demands firmer to the racism of the South African government. To this end they launched the Youth League African National Congress (ANCYL).This program inspired the call for general strike, civil disobedience, noncooperation, and other instruments of nonviolent resistance. Taking into account political and social demands on the legalequality of citizens of color. This parliament was based on the democratic principle of one man, one vote and a fairer distribution of land and the removal of barriers to the education of black people.Mandela had big goals in his youth, beginning with the creation of a Youth League to fight for equal rights for black people.
Mandela was tired of his work did not have any effect on Congress. Hedecide to coordinated sabotage campaigns against military and government targets, making plans for a possible guerrilla war if the sabotage failed to end the apartheid. But this only caused him to be...
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