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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Assembly Instructions Tap Tuning Compressor Rev: 3/20/09 Pt# 825

Note: 1) Theseinstructions are a supplement to the instructions in your Behringer package and are specific for the use of this compressor for tap tuning. 2) This compressor was designed as a floor-mounted accessory forelectric guitarists. The “cover” we refer to is actually the compressor’s on/off pedal switch. Compressors for tap tuning: The compressor adds sustain to the signal it receives. When used for tap tuning,the compressor extends the fast peak and decay of the “tap” sound (signal) to about 1.5 seconds, providing ample time for the strobe tuner or software tuner to read and display the note values.when you remove the cover that you do not lose the spring (Fig. 2). To reinstall the cover, ensure that the spring is in place. Place the cover straight down on top of the unit so that the cover restson the spring and is laying on the two hinge pins. Then use a pencil or small screwdriver to push in each hinge pin, one at a time, then align and snap each side of the cover in place, one hinge pin ata time. 2) Connection: plug the microphone into the compressor’s IN port, and use a short patch cord to connect the OUT port of the compressor to the IN port of the strobetuner.
mike -> compressor-> tuner

Note: If you are using the Peterson StroboSoft Suite (our part #815), a phono to mini-phono adapter plug is provided to facilitate the connection to your computer’s microphone port. 3) Toturn on the compressor, press the cover until the ON/BATT indicator illuminates. (The compressor will not turn on unless there is a plug in both the IN and the OUT ports.)
Fig. 1. To remove the cover(pedal switch), press in on each of the hinge pins with a pencil or small screwdriver.

Basic set up: 1) The compressor uses a 9v battery that is installed beneath the cover. To install or replace...
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