Maned sloth

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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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The Maned sloth
More commonly is a kind of three-toed sloth that is the largest in comparison with other species of sloths, with a maximum size of 80 centimeters. Its fur is a thick, long pelagethat can vary from brown to a dark gray that may be home to beetles, moths or other insects. This animal is a solitary diurnal animal which sleeps about eighty percent of the time, waking only to eat andtravel.
The maned sloth avoids the ground since it is very slow and can’t stand or walk, making it easy prey for the predators, but it is known that the maned sloth is an excellent swimmer. Eventhough it is very slow, the average maned sloth can travel up to six acres a day. As all sloths, the maned sloth is a folivore, eating exclusively leaves and vines from different types of trees, thoughit is thought that the maned sloth may prefer different kinds of leaves from different trees.
The maned sloth can breed all year round but it has been reported that the majority of birth happenbetween February and April. The young are able to eat leaves at two weeks, but at two months are totally weaned. The young usually leave their mother at about nine months of age. It hasn`t been provenbut it is estimated that the average life span of the maned sloth I about twelve years.
The maned sloth is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as an endangered/ vulnerablespecies, meaning that if its life conditions don’t improve their number will continue to diminish, coming to extinction in the worst of cases. It is in danger of extinction due to the fact that theyonly live in the Amazon Forest and this tropical rainforest is being constantly cut down to produce paper and to make room for cities and companies. Since the maned sloth is so slow it is hard to find amate for breeding, making it harder to populate their habitat and increase the maned sloth population. It doesn’t help them that the maned sloth is hunted excessively for its thick fur and soft...
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