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Is a branch of science that aims to study living things and, more specifically, its origin, evolution and properties: origin, nutrition, morphogenesis, reproduction, pathology, etc. Itaddresses both the description of the characteristics and behavior of individual organisms and species as a whole, and reproduction of living beings and the interactions between them and the environment.Thus, attempts to study the structure and functional dynamics common to all living beings, in order to establish the general laws of organic life and the fundamental explanatory principles thereof.This is divided into several specialties or science to which it is generally accessed with a basic training in biology such as botany (plant science), zoology (animal science), ecology (science thatstudies the relationship of living beings with the environment), genetics (the study of mechanisms of inheritance), marine biology (the science of marine life) ... there are wide variations andbranches through which a person can be decanted.

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Few ideas have so profoundly changed our view of nature and the very idea of change involves the evolution of living beings. Biological organisms are grouped into units we callnatural breeding species. The species now inhabit the Earth come from different species that existed in the past, through a process of descent with modification. Biological evolution is the historicalprocess of transformation from one species to other species descendants, including the extinction of most species that have existed. One of the most romantic ideas contained in the evolution of life isthat any two living organisms, however different, share a common ancestor sometime in the past. We and any current chimpanzee share an ancestor does something like 5 million years. We also have a...
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