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Rio de Janeiro is the second most important city of Brazil, followed for Sao Paolo
It is located southwest of this country and its area is 1,180 km, and its population ofinhabitants is 11.4000.000. Their language is Portuguese and its religion is catholi.

This beautiful city is renowned for its Carnival and for hosting the Olympic Games in 2016.
this is a city of manysports like soccer and volleyball, by their awards are the main beach of Copacabana and Ipanema for recognized worldwide. The people are very charming and welcoming and its economy is the highestworldwide.
If we compare with Barranquilla, one of the most important cities of Colombia they differ in many aspects such as:
- Although both are made carnivals thoroughfare, but carnival of Rio ofJaneiro is more important, for its tradition the most traditional carnival is Barranquilla carnival.
- Rio de Janeiro has more inhabitants than Barranquilla.
- Barranquilla is older than Rio deJaneiro
- Rio of Janeiro has more Public universities than Barranquilla, Television Network Latin America's largest, bridge Latin America's largest river, the largest cable cars suramerica andCopacabana Beach is one of the biggest in the world.
- Maracana stadium is the world's largest stadium.

Barranquilla's Carnaval (Spanish: Carnaval de Barranquilla) is a carnival with traditions that dateback to the 19th century. It takes place for four days preceding Ash Wednesday. During the carnival the city of Barranquilla's normal activities are paralyzed because the city gets busy with streetdances, musical and masquerade parades. Barranquilla's Carnival is reputed for being second in size to Rio's. The Barranquilla Carnival includes dances like the Spanish paloteo, African congo andindigenous mico y micas. Many styles of Colombian music are also performed, most prominently cumbia, and instruments include drums and wind ensembles. The Carnival of Barranquilla was proclaimed by...
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