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The Emerging Career Management Profession


TalentGuard White Paper 2009

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One of the most crucial issues facing management is preserving employee commitment to company goals and objectives despite organizationalinstability. We are experiencing a time of great organizational change led by overseas outsourcing, downsizing, global restructuring, and diminishing career advancement paths. Because of these changes, employees are less likely to rise up the ranks and more likely to change jobs or area of specialization often. With performance being a fundamental cornerstone to financial success, employers will need toimplement career management programs and enable employees to acquire new skills in order to thrive. Those employers who shift the overall responsibility for career development onto employees will be less likely to cultivate loyalty and commitment.

At any time, a company’s employees may experience career challenges that may seriously affect their success at the company. If these difficulties gounresolved for a period of time they are likely to impact the employees’ ability to cope effectively on the job. For senior-level professionals, the impact can be even more devastating because their work usually has a direct impact on overall business strategy and direction. Career management is a strategic resource that employees can use and managers can rely on when work performance, careertransition, personal conduct in the workplace, and/or culture fit becomes an issue. It provides a means for employers to encourage their employees to seek career assistance early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand and creating greater barriers to success. It is also a way to help key employees reach higher career aspirations so that they continue to add significant value to thecompany.

What Are the Benefits to the Employer’s Organization? Employers use career managers not only as a cost-saving measure, but, more importantly, to “do the right thing” for both the employees and the organization. The benefits of having career managers in-house may include:

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Increase in employee productivity Increase in supervisory effectiveness Retention of valuedemployees Less time spent managing poor performers Increased quality in employee performance Improved employee morale Feeling that your organization cares about employee well-being Resource base for professional, experienced facilitators of training and staff development programs

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The world economy is driving changes in nearly every job market, which has inspired or forced many professionals to transform themselves to remain competitive. The job market will continue to be in flux due to economic changes. This has caused the job search industry to grow into a billion dollar industry due to market demand for...
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