Manejo seguro de gruas

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Crane & Hoist Safety


Many types of cranes, hoists, and rigging devices are used at KETEMA for lifting and moving materials. KETEMA policy is to maintain a safe workplace for its employees. The safety rules and guidance in this chapter apply to all operations at KETEMA that involve the use of cranes and hoists installed in or attached to buildings and to all KETEMA employees,supplemental labor, and subcontractor personnel who use such devices.


Supervisors are responsible for:
• Ensuring that hoisting equipment is inspected and tested monthly by a responsible individual and that rigging equipment is inspected annually.

Crane and Hoist Operators are responsible for:
• Operating hoisting equipment safely.
• Conducting functional testsprior to using the equipment.
• Selecting and using rigging equipment appropriately.

Engineering/Maintenance/Operations Department is responsible for:
• Performing annual maintenance and inspection of all KETEMA cranes and hoists that are not covered by a program with maintenance responsibility.
• Conducting periodic and special load tests of cranes and hoists.
•Maintaining written records of inspections and tests, and providing copies of all inspections and test results to facility managers and building coordinators who have cranes and hoists on file.
• Inspecting and load testing cranes and hoists following modification or extensive repairs (e.g., a replaced cable or hook, or structural modification.)
• Scheduling a non-destructive test and inspectionfor crane and hoist hooks at the time of the periodic load test, and testing and inspecting before use new replacement hooks and other hooks suspected of having been overloaded. The evaluation, inspection, and testing may include, but are not limited to visual, dye penetrant, and magnetic particle techniques referenced in ASME B30.10 (Hooks, Inspection and Testing.)
• Maintaining all manualsfor cranes and hoists in a central file for reference.

Safety Department is responsible for
• Periodically verifying monthly test and inspection reports.
• Interpreting crane and hoist safety rules and standards.

Safe Operating Requirements
All workers who use any Ketema crane or hoist shall fill and initial the daily inspection checklist before operate the chane or hoist.

Craneand Hoist Safety Design Requirements

Following are the design requirements for cranes and hoists and their components:
• The design of all commercial cranes and hoists shall comply with the requirements of ASME/ANSI B30 standards and Crane Manufacturer's Association of America standards (CMAA-70 and CMAA-74). [COMPANY]-fabricated lifting equipment shall comply with the requirements inChapter 2.2 (Lifting Equipment) of Mechanical Engineering Design Safety Standards (latest edition).
• All crane and hoist hooks shall have safety latches.
• Hooks shall not be painted (or re-painted) if the paint previously applied by the manufacturer is worn.
• Crane pendants shall have an electrical disconnect switch or button to open the main-line control circuit.
• Cranes andhoists shall have a main electrical disconnect switch. This switch shall be in a separate box that is labeled with lockout capability.
• Crane bridges and hoist monorails shall be labeled on both sides with the maximum capacity.
• Each hoist-hook block shall be labeled with the maximum hook capacity.
• Directional signs indicating N-W-S-E shall be displayed on the bridge underside,and a corresponding directional label shall be placed on the pendant.
• A device such as an upper-limit switch or slip clutch shall be installed on all building cranes and hoists. A lower-limit switch may be required when there is insufficient hoist rope on the drum to reach the lowest point.
• All cab and remotely operated bridge cranes shall have a motion alarm to signal bridge...
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