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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Feng Shui

For thousands of years, the ancient art form of feng shui has played a major role in chinese life. Feng shui means “wind and wáter,” and it isbase don an appreciation of the relationship between people and the environment. It involves changing the desing of your living or working space to improveyour fortune.
Soon after a hong Kong millonaries moved his company to a new skyscraper, his business began to do badly. He called in feng shui experts, whotold him thet because his new building was round, it was like a cigarette – all the energy was burning off through the roof. They said that the only thing hecould do to prevent this was to build a swimming pool on the roof. He followed their advice, and his business started to do well again.
In recent years,feng shui has become popular in many western countries where companies such as nike, citibank, and Hyatt hotels have started to seek advice from experts. Thereal state entrepreneur donald trump brought in a feng shui expert when he was building his famouns trump international hotel & tower in new york.
Doestrump belive in feng shui? He says, “It’s important to adhere to the principles of a large group of people thet truly believe these principles, and if theybelieve in them, then that’s good anough for me.” He admitted, “it’s just another element in which you have the advantage over your competitors.” Many peoplestrongly believe in feng shui, but there are others who feel like trump, who said, “ I don’t have to believe in feng shui; I do if because it makes me Money.”
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