Manifesto destiny.

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Manifesto Destiny and Latin America.

Manifesto destiny was the doctrine that highlighted the religious influence in the development of the United States. It supported the belief that America wasthe promised Land and the settlers were people chosen by God to control this part of the world. They considered themselves a superior race, with the supreme mission to bring development andcivilization to all neighboring lands.  The influence of this doctrine in the current Latin American culture is the topic of discussion of this role.

The social leaders considered that their mission wasto civilize the new lands. To achieve their objective, they committed massacres against the Native Americans and justified the trafficking of slaves . They felt that the principles of individualism,equality and freedom were human rights that did not applied to other races. In the same way they considered themselves as example of development for other Nations.

They considered other cultures asincompetent. They had the messianic conviction that the expansion ,the wars and assaults were considered necessary for the good of the mankind. They belied that being obedient to their holy"mandate"; their cruel actions were exonerated.

They developed "legal" treaties to expand into Mexico adding the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, part of Colorado and Texas. Atthis time their leaders lost the fine line between what was legal and what was immoral. They continued their expansionism project in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Nicaragua. They called thisgeographical area with the despicable name of “Banana republics”. (, 12). More recently they spread into the pacific taking control of the islands of Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, and thePhilippines. 2010 ( . United states is considered as the first economy with strong military power and presence in the whole world

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