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Maintenance management is a systematic process where actions should be planned bearing procedures helped by a logical sequence to achieve reliability and availability of objects to keep it from the objective was to introduce new production processes based maintenance trends Maintenance Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability Centered, that optimization obtained World ClassMaintenance. Maintenance management within any organization must allow feedback or evaluation of this as the basis of this can devise measures for continuous improvement, it also helps optimize resources and reduce unscheduled downtime costs, a factor that greatly affects productivity. Maintenance is divided into 4 stages (Amendola, 2006) (first generation (1930-1950), second generation (1950-1980), thirdgeneration (1990-2000), fourth generation (2000-present)) Maintenance Function tending at the implementation of new trends must take into account basic processes of management and management of any activity that is the case as mentioned Zambrano and Leal (2006): Planning, programming, executing, record, monitor, evaluate, provide feedback.

This document is related to theconceptualization of maintenance as an opportunity to increase productivity, this way changing the abstract thought of this. While on a research emphasis on new trends in maintenance, developing methods and techniques that help to develop processes and maintenance plans. This is related also the interest of a country to develop a maintenance that suits all types of industry. This document relates to thesearch of new trends: hold that highlight scientific and technological processes, which give experience in industrial maintenance activities. Therefore regulates and legislates for the permanence of these thoughts.

The importance of maintenance management is principally based on the deterioration of industrial equipment and the consequences of this resides. Because of the high cost ofthis deterioration for companies, it is necessary to increase the reliability of equipment, safety equipment and people for that are used to create new forms and Trends in maintenance. Maintenance management is performed in a company depending on the importance that a strike on a computer, which brings consequences in the production system and depending on the critical path of the process. Theprimary function of maintaining proper management is to lower the correction to the optimum level of profitability for the company.

The creation of new trends for the maintenance have been designed to preserve the industrial plant equipment, buildings, services and facilities able to perform the function for which they were designed with the capacity and quality specified, and can beused in safety and economy according to an occupancy level and a user-defined production requirements and ensure the highest level of quality in products with minimum maintenance cost and ensure the operation of equipment and facilities with maximum efficiency and minimum consumption.

Twentieth century established that the maintenance has been divided into 3 main stages, and the newfourth generation in the twenty-first century, although they have a clear boundary between them from a temporal point of view and can give a clear idea of what has been the changes in technology and organizations that have been implemented that century that there is no clear boundary between a stage and others are due to several factors. the key is that every sector of industry has evolveddifferently. It was agreed that in the evolution of maintenance during the twentieth century has had 3 stages and is attached to the fourth generation (twenty-first century): First generation 1930-1950 covers -Repair if damaged. Second generation (1950-1980) Cyclical-review -Systems for planning and controlling the work -Computerization At this stage the objectives are defined as operational availability...
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