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Mantra is the creative process of the mind through sound. The Mantras used in your Kundalini Yoga practice have been designed to elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition. It is beneficial to link a mantra to the breath. This technique helps focus the mind and strengthen the endurance during challenging exercises. Aad Aneel Anaad Ahaahat, Jug JugAyko ves Happiness Almighty, Grace Grace Nobility and Infinity. All is your prosperity. God is the primal one, pure, without beginning or end. Through all the ages the One. Aap Sahaaee Hoa Sachey Daa Sacha Dhoa, Har Har Har The word Aap means Himself Sahaaee is protector or rescuer; Hoa is "has become" Sachey Daa Sacha means "the Truest of the True"; Dhoa is "has carried" The meaning of the mantrais, "The Lord Himself has become my protector, the Truest of the True has taken care of me, God, God, God." Aad Guray Nameh Jugaad Guray Nameh Saat Gruay Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh. I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom true through the ages. I bow to the true Wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom. Aad Sach Jugad Such Haibhay Such Nanak Hosee Bhay Such The 17th Slok of of SukhamaniSahib (Slightly different from similar mantra in Japji): True in the beginning, true in the primeval age, true even now, and true forever. "When a time comes and things don't move, this mantra writes down the root of prosperity in your personality...all that is stuck shall move."(Yogi Bhajan) Aad Shakti Aad Shakti Aad Shakti Namo Namo Sarab Shakti Sarab Shakti Sarab Shakti Namo Namo Pritam BhagvatiPritam Bhagvati Pritam Bhagvati Namo Namo Kundalini Maat Shakti Kundalini Maat Shakti Namo Namo I bow to: Aad Shakti the primal power. Sarab Shakti the Goddess power. Pritam Bhagvati that which creates through God. Kundalini Maat Shakti Mother power. Call upon the mother power. Call upon the Divine mother, the infinite, the powerful. Takes away negativity, eliminates fears and brings fulfillment ofdesires. Ang Sang Wahe Guru The infinite God is within me, with every part of me. Ardas Bayee, Amar Das Guru, Amar Das Guru, Ardas Bayee Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru Suchee Sahee The answer to your prayers is guaranteed by the Grace of Guru Amar Das who is the hope for the hopeless, and the Guru Ram Das, king of the Yogis, bestower of blessings, past, present, future, signed, sealed,and delivered. Gobinday, Mukhunday, Udharay, Aparay. Hariung, Kariung, Nirname, Akame. This is the Guru Gaitri mantra for protection. The translation is "Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desire less." Chatr Chakr Varti, Chatr Chakr Bhugtay, Suyungbhav Subhang Sarbda Sarb Jugtay, Dukaalund Pranaasee, Dayalung Saroopay, Sadaa Ang Sangay Abhagung Bibhootay.The words of the 10th Master, Guru Gobind Singh from Jaap Sahib. To remove fear, phobias and to bring victory. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru Calls upon the spirit of humility and grace which Guru Ram Das manifested. It is in praise of his realm of spiritual guidance and protective grace.

Har Har Har Har Gobinday, Har Har Har Har Mukhanday, Har Har Har Har Udharay, Har Har Har Har Aparay,Har Har Har Har Hariung, Har Har Har Har Kariung, Har Har Har Har Nirname, Har Har Har Har Akame. This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. This mantra contains the eight facets of God that we all have to deal with. Gobinday, one who sustains us, Mukhunday, one who liberates us, Udharay, one who uplifts us, Aparay, who is infinite, Hariung, who does everything, Kariung, for whichgrace everything is done, Nirname, nameless, desireless, Akame, is by itself. Har is " Shakti Yog" (power) mantra. Har is the creative energy of God. The four repetitions of Har give power to all aspects and provide the power to break down barriers of the past. Har Har Wahe Guru Creative God is the being in the ecstasy of Infinite Wisdom. For creating a balance between earth and ether. Restore...
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