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Using real ship controls in Ship Simulator
How-to guide

Kaj Noppen, VSTEP B.V. 14 December 2007

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial requires some basic electrical knowledge, using this tutorial is atown risk! VSTEP is not liable for any damage that may result from any advice or action of this tutorial.

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Introduction This document describes how to interface a (real) Ship Control(potentiometer), to Ship Simulator 2008 via USB. Real Ship controls: Real ship controls consist out of potentiometers with some gears. So these controls change the input current they get, according tothe position of the levers. Moving the control changes the current of the controls output. Now if it were possible to capture this changing current, digitize it and send it to the PC, it would be ableto control Ship Simulator with it. The image on the left is a potentiometer. The long shaft is the control for the potentiometer, it controls how much current is lets through. As you can also see, ithas 3 connections, a +,GND and signal.

Joystick Controller BU0836: There are several devices on the market which allow you to connect analog signals and send them to the USB port. An example ofthis is Leo Bodnar's BU0836 controller. This controller does what we want it to do: it takes analog signals, digitizes it and formats it for USB. Another plus about this controller is that it presentsitself as a standard USB joystick, which can be used for any game. Ship Simulator 2008 has extensive function mapping options, allowing the joystick elements to perform any desired function in the game.The BU0836 can be bought at BU0836 can also be found there. More detailed information about the

So basically, all that needs to be done is connect the shipcontroller to the BU0836.

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Tutorial: how to connect a ship engine controller to the BU0836: We are going to connect this engine controller to the BU0836. In 5 short steps you can do...
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