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Customising your handset

Key tone Normally, whenever you press a button on the handset, you hear a ‘beep’ tone. You can turn these tones off if you prefer.

Contents of this User Guide
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General points You can customise the settings of your e800 handset and base unit, using a menu which is shown on the handset’s display. Pleasenote that: ■ If you don’t press any button for about 25 seconds, the handset will time out and the display will return to standby mode. ■ When you confirm any setting you have made, you’ll hear a confirmation tone. If you make a mistake, you’ll hear a warning tone. ■ At the end of each set of steps, you can return the handset to standby mode by either replacing the handset on the base unit, orpressing and holding the HANG UP/C button. Auto-answer When a call comes in, you need to press any button to answer it. Or you can set auto-answer — so, if the handset is in place on the base unit, you simply lift it to answer the call, without pressing any button.

1 Press PROG then 1 1 3 2 Use ‡ or ˆ to set:
0 for key tone off 1 for key tone on

If you need help …

Digitalcordless telephone

3 Press PHONE/OK

to confirm

4 5

The Binatone Help Line is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, on

Direct Call With Direct Call turned on, when you press any key except the PROG button, the handset will automatically make a call to a number you have programmed in. This feature is sometimes called babysitter’s call.

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1718

0845 345 9677
Calls are charged at Local Call rate. Or visit our website:


1 Press PROG then 1 5 2 Use ‡ or ˆ to set:
0 for auto-answer off 1 for auto-answer on

With Direct Call turned on, it is not possible to make emergency calls, unless you have programmed an emergency number such as 999 as the Direct Call number. But remember that the number youhave programmed will be dialled automatically when any key is pressed. Before you can turn Direct Call on, you must program the telephone number. To program the number:

1 Press PROG then 1 3
to confirm

3 Press PHONE/OK

2 Key in the number
You can press the HANG UP/C button to clear digits one by one; or press and hold the HANG UP/C button to clear the Direct Call number completely.Before you can use the handset to make calls you will need to fit and fully charge the batteries, as described in Section 3. Please read the notes in Section 2 before you install the base unit.

Ringer volume and melody The handset has eight ringer volume levels, including 0 for off; and eight ringer melodies. With the volume set to 0, the handset won’t ring for incoming calls, but the displaywill show call or the phone number. To change the volume:

3 Press PHONE/OK

to confirm

To turn Direct Call on and off:

1 Press PROG then 1 2 2 Use ‡ or ˆto set:
to confirm 0 for Direct Call off 1 for Direct Call on

1 Press PROG then 1 1 1 2 Use ‡ or ˆ to change the volume 3 Press PHONE/OK
To change the melody:

Important note — emergency calls
to confirm and the Direct Callnumber.
The e800 is not designed for making emergency calls when the mains power fails. So you should make alternative arrangements for access to Emergency Services. (This means that you should also have a basic phone that does not need mains power, connected to your line so that you can make calls during a power failure.)

3 Press PHONE/OK

1 Press PROG then 1 1 2 2 Use ‡ or ˆ to change the...
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