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lishman ng

AnSWERS On PAgE 45 1

The people of the UK participate in an art project.
ave you ever wanted to speak out about something in public? Two thousand, four hundred people in the UK had an opportunity to do just that as part of a hugely successful art project in central London.

Imagine you had one hour to stand up in public and speak about anything you wantedto. What would you talk about? Think of six possible topics.



the fourth Plinth
The Fourth Plinth is in Trafalgar Square, London. At the centre of the square is Nelson’s column, and at the four corners there are plinths. Three of the plinths hold statues: George IV (northeast, 1840s), Henry Havelock (southeast, 1861), and Sir Charles James Napier (southwest, 1855). Thefourth plinth is empty.

Read the article once. What did the people who took part in this art project talk about or do? Were any of your ideas similar to theirs?

Reading i

Read the article again and complete the information. 1. Name of the project: 2. Period the project ran from/to: Some people used the plinth to 3. What Brian Capaloff did on promote political causes. Brian Capaloff theplinth: used his hour to highlight the cause of 4. What Chris did on the plinth: Linda Carty, a British grandmother who 5. What Judith did on the is on death row in a prison in Texas, plinth: accused of murder. Capaloff was joined 6. What Louise did on the on the plinth by a cardboard cut-out of Carty. Gary, a retired biology plinth: teacher from Yorkshire, busked and talked about the plight of thepeople of Marofandilia in Madagascar. He highlighted the importance 4 Language focus of Madagascar for wildlife. He also raised money for the people and expressions with the forest. A journalism student from eastern England used her hour to “go” raise money for an anti-landmine charity. She also talked about it and Look at this extract from the article, “At debated it with the people below. thetime, he was going through a difficult but long-anticipated Some used their hour to promote business ventures. Chris, a filmseparation.” The writer has used the maker from London spent his hour pitching Missed Connections, a expression “to go through”, which means short film that he was trying to get made. “to experience”. What do you think these But most people just wanted to have fun. Simon (nosurname expressions with “go” mean? provided), aged 49, decided to strip naked during his time on 1. He went for a job in the plinth. At the time, he was going through a difficult but longaccounting. anticipated separation, and said the event would serve to symbolise 2. Time goes by so quickly. the beginning of a new age for him. 3. Prices are going down. Judith, a teacher from eastern England, usedher hour on the plinth 4. What’s going on here? to have a bit of time for herself and to read her library book. Tim from 5. They decided to go ahead Yorkshire wanted to meet and greet a few people, sit and chat about with the plans. where he was from, how he got there and where he was going. 6. These colours don’t go well Louise from Scotland had a picnic, and Jo from the east Midlands together.spent her time giving out some happiness as part of her “free hugs” 7. She went back on her word. campaign.

Reading ii

The project, known as One & Other, was by British sculptor Antony Gormley. He invited the people of the UK to use the empty Fourth Plinth* in Trafalgar Square in London to say their piece. So, every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break from 6th July to the14th October 2009, different people made the plinth their own.

antony gormley

Antony Gormley (30th August 1959) is an English sculptor. His best known works include the Angel of the North (a sculpture in Gateshead that was erected in February 1998) and Another Place (consisting of 100 castiron figures on Crosby Beach near Liverpool).
to speak out (about something) exp to talk...