Manual control remoto universal drc800

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Motorola DRC800 4-in-1 Universal Remote Control

Follow the diagram inside the battery case to insert the new batteries. You have ten minutes to replace the batteries before your remote loses memory.

Press this Key

Mute current audio feed Jump among preselected favorite channels (only available in CABLE mode)

Press this Key


These functions are set by your cableprovider These functions are set by your cable provider Enter a channel or device code number. To access channels lower than 100, you may need to enter 3 digits. For example, to access channel 2, press 0-0-2. For channel 22, press 0-2-2.

Enter the four-digit code. The device key LED turns off briefly after each key press. each digit. If it takes longer than that, the remote “times out” and youmust begin again. If the remote recognizes the code, the device key’s LED blinks three times. You can now test the remote by pressing POWER. If your device responds (turns off), you have found the right code. If your device does not respond, repeat steps 2 - 3 with the next code in the list.. If the remote does not recognize the code, the LED will turn off. Retry the code (by repeating steps 2-3using the next code listed for your brand), or search for a device code. See “Searching for Codes”.

Note: You have 10 seconds to press

To select a device to control, simply press one of the device mode keys (TV, AUDIO, DVD/VCR, CABLE) at the top of your remote. After you set up the remote to control that device, you may begin using the device. See “Programming DeviceControl” for more information on identifying a specific device to a device key.


Tip: Note the code set that worked, in case you must re-code your remote: DVD/VCR: TV: AUDIO: See “Checking Codes”for more information on noting code sets.

The device key’s LED blinks three times, indicating it has unlocked the volume control for all devices.

My remote is not responding
• Review theinformation in “Using Your Remote”to make sure that the key you pressed is active for the device you are controlling. Make sure you are controlling the device you think you are. See “Using Your Remote”for more information on choosing a device to control. Make sure your batteries are good. If battery power is low, your remote enters a “Low Battery Condition” to conserve battery power for retaining yoursettings. See “Installing Batteries”for more information on changing the batteries. Reset all settings: • Press and hold a device mode key (TV, AUDIO, DVD/ VCR, or Cable) or at least six seconds. The LED for each device key lights up, then the key for the device you selected remains on. • Enter 9 8 1. The LED blinks twice to indicate that your remote is returned to its factory settings. You will needto reset all device code settings. See “Programming Device Control”.

Each device key accesses a specific type of device (for example, the DVD/ VCR key can only be programmed to control a DVD player, VCR, DVR, or HTIB system). This makes it easier to search for a code if your device’s code does not appear on the list provided. Your new remote allows you to change thetype of device that may be assigned to a device key. That way, if you have two TVs, for example, you can control them both by changing the type of device the DVD/VCR or AUDIO key controls. 1. Press and hold the device mode key (TV, AUDIO, DVD/VCR, or Cable) corresponding to the type of device you want the reassigned key to control (for example, TV) for at least six seconds. The LED for each devicekey lights up, then the key for the device you selected remains on. 2. Enter 9 9 2. 3. Press the device mode key you want to reassign (for example, AUDIO). That mode key’s LED blinks three times and turns off, indicating that it has been reassigned. The reassigned key automatically uses the same device code as the key you selected in Step 1. If your second device uses a different code, you may...
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