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We sincerely request you to fill in the < Supplier Prequalification Questionnaire> to the best of your knowledge. For the information that you are unwilling to disclose kindly mark the item with “N/D” and propose a brief explanation; for those inapplicable questions, kindly mark them with “N/A”. All information provided will be considered confidential and not be disclosed without writtenpermission.
This is the first step of supplier certification procedure,and the following step would be agreement signing, on-site certification, qualification approval, sample/pilot-run approval, small batch verification, etc,.
1. Supplier should assure the validity of all the information and attachments.
2. Please sign and stamp on the required place of this form while submit.1. Documents Required List:

No. Documents needed Manufacturer Agent Supplier Supplier Reply Evaluation
1 Registration certificate of the company(copy) √ √
2 Evidence of the latest taxes clearance √ √
3 Three Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) √ √
4 Certificate of QA system, certificate of EnvironmentManagement System, such as ISO, QS, etc. √ √
5 Safety standards certificate (such as UL, etc.), network access license, and other certificate issued by authority institution, etc. △ △
6 Agency authorization letter and PO or Contract with Brand Factory △ √
7 Company introduction and products introduction √ √
8 Key production and inspection devices list √ △
9 Flowchart of products' full-process inspection and quality control point. √ △
10 Key raw materials brand list △
11 Main clients list or main engineering project √ √
1. Please number all the documents according to sequence.
2. For the item that you are unwilling to disclose, kindly mark the item with “N/D” and propose a short explanation; for those inapplicablequestions, kindly mark them with “N/A”
3. All documents should be better in English version. If some documents are not English version,Please submit the official English translation version.
4. √=necessary; △=optional (If you have, please submit it with other necessary documents)

2 General information
2.1 Basic information
Legal Name Legal representative
Company Type□Manufacturer, Brand: _______ □ Agent Supplier: (List authorized brand)
ownership □State-owned enterprise □Private enterprise
□Public company(Listed Sites:______, Stock Code:______ ) □Other:______
Registration capital
Registration Date
Years in this business
Registration Address
Factory Address
Address of HQ, factory and Office
Business Scope

Sales revenue of last fiscal yearWebsite http:
CEO Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
VP of Sales Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
VP of R&D Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
VP of Quality Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
VP of Finance Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
Business contact Tel Number Mobile
Fax E-mail
Bank Details
& Tax Currency
Account number
Bank Name
Bank AddressSwift Code
VAT registration No.
L/C opening bank:
3 Evaluation items (100%) Overall Rating: ____________
3.1 Basic information (10%) Score: _____________
(Evaluation items) (Evaluation criteria) Brief comments
(for supplier) Evaluation results
(for ZTE )
When established (2)
□more than 10 years (2)
□more than 5 years(1)
□2 year~5 years (0.5)
□less than 2 years (0)
Registered capital
(2) □more than 100 million USD (2)
□more than 10 million USD (1)
□2~10 million USD (0.5)
□less than 2 million USD (0)
Number of
employees (2) □more than 2000 (2)
□more than 500 (1)
□100~500 (0.5)
□less than 100 (0)
Number of...
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