Manual de operacion camion de obra cat 777d

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Off-Highway Truck


Cat® 3508B EUI Engine Gross Power Flywheel power Maximum Gross Machine Weight SAE 2:1 Capacity Payload Capacity

746 kW/1000 hp 699 kW/938 hp 161 000 kg 60.1 m3 90.9 mt

777D Off-Highway Truck
Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last.

Power Train The power train is designed and built by Caterpillar, starting with the high torquerise, electronic Caterpillar® 3508B diesel engine, through the sevenspeed power shift transmission. This assures the highest standards for quality, performance and efficiency. Matched power train components result in less shifting, faster speeds and greater reliability. pg. 4-5

Engine and Power Train Integration The Caterpillar Data Link electronically combines engine, transmission and brakeinformation to optimize overall truck performance. The Electronic Technician (ET) gives access to stored diagnostic data, significantly reducing downtime. pg. 6-7

Oil-cooled Rear Disc Brakes Caterpillar forced oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes are continuously cooled for exceptional, non-fade braking and retarding. The optional Automatic Retarder Control, Traction Control System (TCS) and Front OilCooled Brakes enhance truck performance and increase productivity. pg. 8

Top performance. A truck for high production and low cost-per-ton hauling in off-highway applications. Reliable, durable operation. Rugged construction and easy maintenance guarantee long life with low operating costs.


Structures Caterpillar truck frames are built to resist the most severe twisting, high impactapplications. Mild steel provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads even in cold climates. The frame incorporates 22 castings and 2 forgings in high stress areas, providing two-and-one-half to three times the strength of equivalent sized fabricated structures. pg. 10

Operator’s Station The 777D operator’s station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in acomfortable and productive environment. All controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned to maximize productivity. The cab includes a large storage compartment, air suspension seat and advanced electronic monitoring system. pg. 12-13

Steering and Suspension Front cylinders serve as steering kingpins for tight turning radius and built in camber and caster. Large diameter, low pressure suspensioncylinders provide long life and low operating and rebuild cost. pg. 15


The eight-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled 3508B engine with EUI fuel system is built for power, reliability and economy, and meets all worldwide emissions standards.

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The Cat 3508B diesel engine is a fourstroke design and uses long, effective power strokes for morecomplete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency. The 3508B is designed with high displacement and a low speed rating for long hours of service between scheduled overhauls and lower operating costs. The 23% torque rise provides high lugging force during acceleration and less down-shifting on grade or in rough underfoot conditions. The torque curve effectively matches the transmission shift points toprovide maximum efficiency and faster cycle times.

Unmatched Combustion Efficiency: 1 Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) is a proven high-pressure, direct injection fuel system. This system electronically monitors operator and sensor inputs to optimize engine performance. 2 Deep crater piston and low crevice volume provide a more efficient combustion. 3 Separate Circuit Aftercooling (SCAC) allows theaftercooler circuit to operate cooler than the jacket water temperature for denser air charge and improved combustion. s Streamlined air system improves combustion system efficiency and decreases exhaust temperatures. s 3508B EUI has 2% improved specific fuel consumption over the former 3508 EUI. s Reduced NOx and particulate levels.

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Valve rotators Oil cooler Self-aligning roller...
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