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Squid Proxy Server 3.1
Beginner's Guide

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Improve the performance of your network using the caching and access control capabilities of Squid

Kulbir Saini


Squid Proxy Server 3.1
Beginner's Guide
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About the Author
Kulbir Saini is anentrepreneur based in Hyderabad, India. He has had extensive experience
in managing systems and network infrastructure. Apart from his work as a freelance developer, he provides services to a number of startups. Through his blogs, he has been an active contributor of documentation for various open source projects, most notable being The Fedora Project and Squid. Besides computers, which his lifepractically revolves around, he loves travelling to remote places with his friends. For more details, please check There are people who served as a source of inspiration, people who helped me throughout, and my friends who were always there for me. Without them, this book wouldn't have been possible. I would like to thank Sunil Mohan Ranta, Nirnimesh, Suryakant Patidar, ShibenBhattacharjee, Tarun Jain, Sanyam Sharma, Jayaram Kowta, Amal Raj, Sachin Rawat, Vidit Bansal, Upasana Tegta, Gopal Datt Joshi, Vardhman Jain, Sandeep Chandna, Anurag Singh Rana, Sandeep Kumar, Rishabh Mukherjee, Mahaveer Singh Deora, Sambhav Jain, Ajay Somani, Ankush Kalkote, Deepak Vig, Kapil Agrawal, Sachin Goyal, Pankaj Saini, Alok Kumar, Nitin Bansal, Nitin Gupta, Kapil Bajaj, Gaurav Kharkwal,Atul Dwivedi, Abhinav Parashar, Bhargava Chowdary, Maruti Borker, Abhilash I, Gopal Krishna Koduri, Sashidhar Guntury, Siva Reddy, Prashant Mathur, Vipul Mittal, Deepti G.P., Shikha Aggarwal, Gaganpreet Singh Arora, Sanrag Sood, Anshuman Singh, Himanshu Singh, Himanshu Sharma, Dinesh Yadav, Tushar Mahajan, Sankalp Khare, Mayank Juneja, Ankur Goel, Anuraj Pandey, Rohit Nigam, Romit Pandey, Ankit Rai,Vishwajeet Singh, Suyesh Tiwari, Sanidhya Kashap, and Kunal Jain. I would also like to thank Michelle Quadros, Sarah Cullington, Susmita Panda, Priya Mukherji, and Snehman K Kohli from Packt who have been extremely helpful and encouraging during the writing of the book. Special thanks go out to my parents and sister, for their love and support.

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