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Operation Manual
Multi-CD control High power CD/MP3/WMA player with FM/AM tuner



Português (B)


Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this manual in a safe place for futurereference.
Before You Start About this unit 4 About this manual 4 Features 4 About WMA 4 Use and care of the remote control 5  Installing the battery 5  Using the remote control 5 Protecting your unit from theft 5  Removing the front panel 6  Attaching the front panel 6 Whats What Head unit 7 Remote control 7 Power ON/OFF Turning the unit on 9 Selecting a source 9 Turning the unit off 9 TunerListening to the radio 10 Introduction of advanced tuner operation 11 Storing and recalling broadcast frequencies 11 Tuning in strong signals 11 Storing the strongest broadcast frequencies 12 Built-in CD Player Playing a CD 13 Introduction of advanced built-in CD player operation 14 Repeating play 14 Playing tracks in random order 14 Scanning tracks of a CD 14 Pausing CD playback 15 Using compressionand BMX 15 Selecting the search method 15 Searching every 10 tracks in the current disc 16 Using disc title functions 16  Entering disc titles 16  Displaying disc titles 17 Using CD TEXT functions 17  Displaying text information on CD TEXT discs 17  Scrolling text information in the display 17 MP3/WMA/WAV Player Playing MP3/WMA/WAV 18 Introduction of advanced built-in CD player (MP3/WMA/WAV)operation 20 Repeating play 20 Playing tracks in random order 20 Scanning folders and tracks 21 Pausing MP3/WMA/WAV playback 21 Using compression and BMX 21 Selecting the search method 22 Searching every 10 tracks in the current folder 22 Displaying text information on MP3/WMA/ WAV disc 22  When playing back an MP3/WMA disc 22  When playing back a WAV disc 23 Scrolling text information in thedisplay 23 Multi-CD Player Playing a CD 24 50-disc multi-CD player 24 Introduction of advanced multi-CD player operation 25 Repeating play 25 Playing tracks in random order 25




Scanning CDs and tracks 26 Pausing CD playback 26 Using ITS playlists 26  Creating a playlist with ITS programming 26  Playback from your ITS playlist 27  Erasing a track from your ITSplaylist 27  Erasing a CD from your ITS playlist 27 Using disc title functions 28  Entering disc titles 28  Displaying disc titles 28 Using CD TEXT functions 29  Displaying text information on CD TEXT discs 29  Scrolling text information in the display 29 Using compression and bass emphasis 29 Audio Adjustments Introduction of audio adjustments 30 Using balance adjustment 30 Using the equalizer 31 Recalling equalizer curves 31  Adjusting equalizer curves 31  Fine-adjusting equalizer curve 31 Adjusting loudness 32 Using subwoofer output 32  Adjusting subwoofer settings 32 Using the high pass filter 33 Boosting the bass 33 Front image enhancer (F.I.E.) 33 Adjusting source levels 34 Initial Settings Adjusting initial settings 35 Setting the clock 35 Setting the FM tuning step 35Setting the AM tuning step 36 Switching the warning tone 36 Switching the auxiliary setting 36 Setting the rear output and subwoofer controller 36 Other Functions Turning the clock display on or off 38 Using the AUX source 38  Selecting AUX as the source 38  Setting the AUX title 38 Additional Information Understanding built-in CD player error messages 39 CD player and care 39 CD-R/CD-RW discs 40MP3, WMA and WAV files 40  MP3 additional information 41  WMA additional information 41  WAV additional information 41 About folders and MP3/WMA/WAV files 42 Terms 43 Specifications 45





Before You Start

About this unit
! Do not allow this unit to come into contact with liquids. Electrical shock could result. Also, this unit damage, smoke, and overheat could...
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