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Installation Manual
DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna with Integrated Triple LNB and Built-in Multi-Switch

Your DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish antenna is designed for use with up to four independently operating DIRECTV Receivers. Along with your receiver User Manual, this guide will provide the information you’ll need to successfully install and operate your DIRECTV System.Throughout the manual, the DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish antenna will be referred to as the “antenna.” For best results, we suggest you read carefully through these pages first before beginning installation. The guide is intended for an individual experienced in performing the various tasks described, including:

Safety Information
Local building and electrical codes (NEC) require the antennaand the coaxial cables to be connected to a grounding electrode. Improper installation may seriously damage the equipment or the building, as well as cause injury or death to you. For your own safety, follow these important safety rules or contact a licensed inspector or electrician in your area for assistance:

Determining an antenna location with a good southerly view of the satellitesClimbing a ladder and working on your roof Observing safe working practices around heights and electrical hazards Determining if there are water pipes, gas lines or wiring hidden near where you may drill Using a power drill to drill holes into your house Routing coaxial cable(s) through foundation, wall, under-floor, attic or interior walls Safely lifting and securing the 20-lb. antenna assemblyGrounding the antenna and cable(s) as recommended in the National Electric Code (NEC)*

If you will be mounting your antenna in a location where it will be difficult or dangerous to view the attached bubble level (see page 6), use a small mirror or plumbing level instead. DO NOT risk falling Perform as many functions as possible on the ground Do not install the antenna on a rainy, snowy or windy dayMake sure there are no people, pets, etc. below when you are working on the roof Watch out for power lines which may be overhead, underground and/or hidden behind walls, keeping safely clear of them with ladders, antenna and tools during installation
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that a local government or homeowner’s association may not prevent the installation ofsatellite antennas one meter or smaller in diameter, unless legitimate safety restrictions such as fire codes are in effect. Call FCC tel: (202) 418-0163; FCC Web sites at or for more information.

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NOTE: If you don’t feel completely comfortable with these tasks, simply contact the storewhere you purchased the system for information on having your system installed by a local authorized DIRECTV installer.

ACTIVATION OF PROGRAMMING MAY BE SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL AND REQUIRES VALID SERVICE ADDRESS, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND/OR MAJOR CREDIT CARD. DEPOSIT OR PREPAYMENT MAY BE REQUIRED. Programming subject to change. You must be physically located in the U.S. to be anauthorized DIRECTV customer. DIRECTV services not provided outside the U.S. DIRECTV programming is sold separately and independently of DIRECTV System hardware. A valid programming subscription is required to operate DIRECTV System hardware. Activate your DIRECTV programming today at 1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288).
*NEC is published by the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy,Massachusetts, 02269-9101 and may be available at your local public library.

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DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna


Antenna Assembly Overview

Contents of Package
Dish Mounting Hardware Multi-Satellite Dish Reflector LNB Arm/Antenna Back Assembly

Triple-head, Multi-Satellite LNB with built-in Multi-Switch for four Independent Outputs

LNB Mounting...
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