Manual Del Ipod

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Manual of the iPod
1. Install the latest version of iTunes.

Before you connect your iPod to a Mac or PC computer or use it, you must install the latest version of the iTunes software.    Guide for new users of iTunes

2. Connect and configure the iPod

Charge the battery by connecting the iPod to a power adapter for Apple iPod or a high-power USB port (one of which are located on thecomputer itself) to make sure that this charge the iPod battery. (If the computer does not seem to recognize your connected iPod, wait about 30 minutes to allow the battery to charge iPod beforecontinuing).

    Charging the iPod Battery

3. Enter music on iPod and iTunes

Once you finish the set, iTunes will open. Then two things can happen:

    The start filling your iPod with music fromthe iTunes library (if you set iTunes to automatically update your iPod)


    It lets you choose what music, videos *, audiobooks and podcasts you want to add if you have chosen toautomatically manage the contents of your iPod.

To add content manually, drag any file from the library or playlist from iTunes to the iPod icon in the iTunes Source list. If you're using iTunes for thefirst time, you must first add music to iTunes, such as songs from your own CDs or music already on your hard drive.

    Adding music and other content to iTunes
    Adding iTunes music to my iPod    Using your iPod as a disk drive * to store music and other files.
    Note: synchronization with the iPod music is performed in only one direction. You can not copy music from an iPod to acomputer unless you first enable your iPod as a hard disk and then copy music files on your disk volume.
    Synchronization and watch videos *

* Not available on all models of iPod.
4. DisconnectiPod

Once you have your music, audiobooks, videos and other files on the iPod, you can start to enjoy.

    If you see the message "OK to Disconnect" on the iPod, disconnect the computer no...