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Thank you for purchasing the TOPCON Electronic Total Station, GTS-230W series. For the best performance of the instruments, please carefully read these instructions and keep them in a convenient location for future reference.

General Handling Precautions
Beforestarting work or operation, be sure to check that the instrument is functioning correctly with normal performance. Do not submerge the instrument into water.
The instrument can not be submerged underwater. The instrument is designed based on the International Standard IP66, therefore it is protected from the normal rainfall.

Setting the instrument on a tripod
When mounting the instrument on atripod, use a wooden tripod when possible. The vibrations that may occur when using a metallic tripod can effect the measuring precision.

Installing the tribrach
If the tribrach is installed incorrectly , the measuring precision could be effected. Occasionally check the adjusting screws on the tribrach. Make sure the base fixing lever is locked and the base fixing screws are tightened.Guarding the instrument against shocks
When transporting the instrument, provide some protection to minimize risk of shocks. Heavy shocks may cause the measurement to be faulty.

Carrying the instrument
Always carry the instrument by its handgrip.

Exposing the instrument to extreme heat.
Do not leave the instrument in extreme heat for longer than necessary. It could adversely affect itsperformance.

Sudden changes of temperature
Any sudden change of temperature to the instrument or prism may result in a reduction of measuring distance range, i.e when taking the instrument out from a heated vehicle. Let instrument acclimate itself to ambient temperature.

Battery level check
Confirm battery level remaining before operating.

Taking the battery out
It is recommended not to takethe battery or external battery out during the power is on. All the data stored is possible gone at that time. So please do your assembling or taking the battery out after the power is off.

Do not hold the lower part of display unit
When you take out the instrument from a carrying case, or keep into the case, please hold the hand grip and base of the instrument. Please do not hold the lowerpart of the display unit.



Display for Safe Use
In order to encourage the safe use of products and prevent any danger to the operator and others or damage to properties, important warnings are put on the products and inserted in the instruction manuals. We suggest that everyone understand the meaning of the following displays and icons before reading the “Safety Cautions” andtext.



Ignoring or disregard of this display may lead to the danger of death or serious injury. Ignoring or disregard of this display may lead to personal injury or physical damage.

•Injury refers to hurt, burn, electric shock, etc. •Physical damage refers to extensive damage to buildings or equipment and furniture.

Safety Cautions WARNING
•There is arisk of fire, electric shock or physical harm if you attempt to disassemble or repair the instrument yourself. This is only to be carried out by TOPCON or an authorized dealer, only! •Cause eye injury or blindness. Do not look at the sun through a telescope. •High temperature may cause fire. Do not cover the charger while it is charging. •Risk of fire or electric shock. Do not use damaged powercable, plug and socket. •Laser beams can be dangerous, and can cause eye injury's if used incorrectly. Never attempt to repair the instrument yourself. (Only for Laser plummet type) •Cause eye injury or blindness. Do not stare into beam. (Only for Laser plummet type) •Risk of fire or electric shock. Do not use a wet battery or charger. •May ignite explosively. Never use an instrument near flammable...
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