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iCIM Manual Robot assembly vision station

Order-NR.: Type: Designation Printed: Autor: Graphics: Layout: Manual iCIM iCIM_Robot_Assembly_Vision_A002 31.07.2003 Schober Schober Schober

© Festo Didactic GmbH & Co.KG., D-73770 Denkendorf, 2003 Internet: e-mail: This manual, all text and illustrations contained included, is protected by copyright. Anyutilisation outside the limits of the copyright law and other than training purposes are not permissible without our definite approval. This applies in particular to reproductions, operations, translations, micro filming and the storing and processing into electronic systems. Parts of this manual may be copied by the authorised user, exclusively for teaching purposes. Distribution of thisdocumentation, as well as reproduction, use and spread of its contents is prohibited, insofar not permitted explicitly. Offences are liable to compensation. All rights reserved, especially the right to execute registrations concerning patents, designs for use and patterns.


© Festo Didactic GmbH & Co.KG. • FMS 100


Intended use

The User Manual must be to hand at all times. Keep it close tothe machine.

This installation was developed and manufactured only for use in basic and further training in the fields of automation and communications. The training company and/or the training staff must ensure that the trainees observe the safety precautions described in the accompanying manuals. Furthermore this manual describes setup and possible uses of the singular stations. It contains allinformation and data required for commissioning, maintenance and operation. Festo Didactic accepts no liability for injury or harm to trainees, the training company and/or any third parties occurring when the installation is used for any purpose apart from training, except Festo Didactic has caused such injury or harm intentionally or by grossly negligence.

The manual is divided into fourparts: • Part A In addition to technical data, Part A contains an overview of the possible uses of the stations. • Part B Part B contains some exercises and the solutions for this exercises (Not available for each station). • Part C Part C contains the pneumatic and electrical diagrams for the station and the listing of the control programs (Not available for each station). • Part D Part D containsdata sheets and technical information about the electrical and electronic modules used.

© Festo Didactic GmbH & Co.KG. • FMS100


List of applicable standards and regulations

The list below provides an overview of the most important standards and regulations relating to mechanical, electrical and safety-engineering design and production.

• • • • • • • • • •

DIN EN 292 -Machinesafety DIN EN 60204 - Electrical equipment of industrial machines DIN VDE 0113 - See DIN EN 60204 DIN 40719 - Circuit documentation VDI 2853 - Technical safety requirements concerning the building, equipping and operation of industrial robots VDI 2853 - Technical safety requirements concerning automated production systems VDI 2411 - Terms and explanations in conveying and handling VDI 2860 - Assemblyand robotics - terms VDI 2861 - Assembly and robotics - characteristic quantities DIN 19245 - PROFIBUS Part 1-3

As far as possible, the System is maintenance-free. All bearings are lubricated for life. The installation was designed in such a way as to keep the number of wearing parts to a minimum. This does not include machines that are part of optional expansions (such as industrial robots).At this point we would like to point out that this manual and the concept of the operating instructions for a Flexible Training System of this type are regularly updated. To ensure that the instructions are ever more user-friendly, you would help us a great deal by passing on your suggestions for improvement. Please let us know of your suggestions, corrections or ideas, either in writing or...
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