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Getting Started

4 Hold
Earphone jack
Set the HOLD switch to the HOLD position. All operation buttons are disabled. This feature is useful when the recorder has to be carried in a handbag or pocket. Remember to reset the HOLD switch before attempting to use the recorder.

Playing Back


4 Identification of Parts
Built-in Microphone Microphone jackDisplay (LCD panel) Record/play indicator light Hold switch STOP button USB terminal* PLAY button 0 (Rewind) button FOLDER/INDEX button REC (Record) button + button 9 (Fast Forward) button – button DISPLAY/MENU button ERASE button


VN-3100/VN-3100PC VN-2100/VN-2100PC VN-1100/VN-1100PC

How to Use the Strap


1 2

Press the FOLDER button to select the desired folder

1 2 3 4To Stop

Press the FOLDER button to select the desired folder. Press the 9 or 0 button to select the file to play back. Press the PLAY button to start playback.
The Record/play indicator light turns green, and the elapsed playing time is indicated on the display.

s The alarm will sound at the scheduled time even if the recorder is set to HOLD. The recorder will then begin to playthe file associated with the alarm once you press any button (Excluded VN-1100/VN1100PC). s The recorder functions as follows with the HOLD switch set to the HOLD position: – If the recorder is playing, the display goes dark when playback of the current file has completed. – If the recorder is recording, the display goes dark when the recorder stops recording automatically upon running out of freememory.

Press the REC button to start recording.
The Record/play indicator light turns red, and recording starts.


a Current folder



Thank you for purchasing an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Please read these instructions for information about using the product correctly and safely. Keep the instructions handy for future reference. To ensure successfulrecordings, we recommend that you test the record function and volume before use.

Strap hole


*Strap is not supplied. Use the optional accessory. Current folder

To stop recording, press the STOP button.
New recordings are saved as the last file in the folder.



Battery cover

a Current folder b Current recording mode c Current file number d Recording time e Remaining recordingtime

Press the + or – button to select the proper sound volume.
The display shows the volume level. You can choose between 0 to 30.

b Current file number c Playing time

4 Notes on the Folders
PC (USB) terminal.... VN-1100PC/VN-2100PC/VN-3100PC

4 Canceling Playback 4 To Pause Recording
To Pause
Press the REC button during recording. ➥ “PAUSE” appears on the display and therecord/play indicator light flashes. Press the STOP button. ➥ The recorder stops in the middle of the file being played.

4 Inserting Batteries
Built-in speaker

The recorder provides four folders, A, B, C, and D (D is for VN-2100/ VN-2100PC/VN-3100/VN-3100PC only). To change the folder selection, press the FOLDER button while the recorder is stopped. Each recorded file is stored in a folder.Using folders to classify files makes it convenient to find files you want to access later. Up to a total of 100 files can be recorded in each folder.

To Resume Playback
Press the PLAY button again. ➥ Playback will resume at the point of interruption.

1 2

Lightly press down on the arrow and slide the battery cover open.

To Resume Recording

4 Setting Time/Date (TIME)
If you have setthe time and date, information as to when a sound file was recorded is stored automatically with that file. When you install batteries for the first time or each time you replace the batteries, the hour indication will flash. In such a case, be sure to set the time and date by following steps 4 through 7 described below.

Press the REC button again. ➥ Recording will resume at the point of...
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