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Hong kong tailors
The famous hong kong 24-hour suit is a thing of the past, but you can still have clothes custom-made in a few days. Today, prices are no longer as low as they once were, but theyare often about what you´d pay for a ready-made garment back home; the difference, of course, is that a tailor-made garment should fit you perfectly. The workmanship and quality of the betterestablished shops rival even those of london´s savile Row-at less than half the price. A top- quality men's suit will run about HK$7,000 (US$910) or more, including fabric, while a silk shirt can costHK$600(US$78).
Tailors in Hong Kong will make almost any garment you want-suits, evening gowns, wedding dresses, leather jackets, even monogrammed shirts. Many tailors offer a wide range of cloth from whichto choose, from cotton and linen to very fine wools, cashmere, and silk. Hong Kong tailors are excellent at copying fashions.
Bring a picture or drawing of what you want.
You should allow three tofive days to have a garment custom-made, with at least two or three fittings. If you aren't satisfied during the fittings, speak up. Alterations should be included in the original price. If, in theend, you still don't like the finished product, you don't have to accept it. However, you will forfeit the deposit you are required to pay before the tailor begins working, usually about 50% of the totalcost.
With more than 2,500 tailoring establishments in Hong Kong, it shouldn't be any problem finding one. Some of the most famous are located in hotel shopping arcades and shopping complexes, butthe more upscale the location, the higher the prices.
Once you've had something custom-made and your tailor has your measurements, you will more than likely be able to order additional clothing later,even after you've returned home.

Hong kong sastres
El hong kong famoso traje de 24-horas es una cosa del pasado, pero aún puede tener la ropa a medida en unos pocos días. Hoy, los precios ya...
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