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“How Wine Is Served”

Installation and Operating Manual
Rev. 16

WineStation Installation and Operating Manual

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Congratulations!!! Your new WineStation has arrived!!!
We would like to thank you for your recent purchase of a WineStation® Intelligent Dispensing System. WineStation is the world’s most advanced automated measured dispensing andpreservation solution, combining state-of-the-art technology, business intelligence, style, and ease of installation and use, into a family of commercial solutions. Its patent pending Clean-Pour™ hygienic dispensing technology with its unique seal-and-purge advantage delivers winery-fresh taste, every time, for up to 90 days, while allowing you to preserve and rotate partially-consumed bottles and evento prepare bottles for future service. And with its AccuServe™ Software Management Suite, WineStation gives you the control, tools and reporting to profitably manage and grow your business.

Please be assured that our commitment goes beyond the initial sale. We strive for superior customer satisfaction, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time so that we may better serve your continuedneeds.


The Napa Technology Team

Table of Contents
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WineStation Installation and Operating Manual

Page 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Getting to Know Your WineStation Preparing the Installation Site Verifying the Contents of Your Shipment Unpacking and Installing your WineStation(s) Entering WineInformation and Creating Staff Cards Preparing Wine Bottles for Service Loading Wine Bottles into the WineStation Creating Customers Cards (if applicable) Cleaning and Maintenance Trouble Shooting Warranty and Contact Information 5 (p. __) 6 (p. __) 7 (p. __) 8 (p. __) 9 (p. __) 9 (p. __) 9 (p. __)

WineStation Installation and Operating Manual

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Step 1 – Warning Messages and SafetyInformation

This guide contains many important safety messages. Always read and obey all safety messages.

This is the safety alert symbol. It alerts you to safety messages that inform you of hazards that can kill or hurt you or others, or cause damage to the product. All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the hazard signal word DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION. Thesewords mean: You will be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions.

You can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions.

Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury or product damage.

Your hand or fingers can be injured. Do not place in area of moving parts.

All safety messages will identify thehazard, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what can happen if the instructions are not followed.

WineStation Installation and Operating Manual

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Step 1 – Warning Messages and Safety Information

Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install WineStation. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.

Electrical Shock Hazard
FORPERSONAL SAFETY, the WineStation must be properly grounded. Have the wall outlet and the circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the outlet is properly grounded.

3-prong grounding type wall receptacle

Ensure 3-prong grounded plug exists before use

Ensure proper grounding exists before use
RECOMMENDED GROUNDING METHOD The WineStation should always be plugged into its ownindividual properly grounded electrical outlet rated for 115 Vac, 10A 50/60 Hz, AC only (230Vac 10A 50/60Hz in Europe). This provides the best performance and also prevents overloading facility wiring circuits which could cause a fire hazard from overheated wires. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only the WineStation be provided. Use receptacles which cannot be turned off with a...
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