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PDF Maker for vtiger CRM
I. Create the simple PDF template
1/ Define Template name and description 2/ Choose module

3/ After that you can choose all avaiable Fields from selected Module (including custom fields)

4/ You can now write some text into Body, Header or Footer section

4a/ Set the cursor into position, choose your variable and klick on „Insert into template“ button

4b/ Atthe end you can make some design adjustments

5/ After you have finish your template, klick on Save button.

II. Generate and sending PDF
1/To generate PDF file, go to detailview of given Module. On the right side, you can find new PDF Maker block. Choose your PDF Template and click on „Export to PDF“ link.

2/ After that your PDF files is generated.

3/ You can also merge a moretemplates into one PDF file. Select more desired templates and click on „Export to PDF“ link.

4/ You can send this template or merged templates with emial by click on „Send Email With PDF“

5/ You can save the template or merged templates into module Documents. Click on „Save PDF into Documents“, wrtite the title for new document, choose the folder name and write some description.

III.Inserting Images into template
1/ Press the „image“ button on the toolbar. A popup window called "Image Properties" will appear.

2/ URL: define the URL address of the image. You may also use the "Browse Sever" in order to browse the files.

3/ Click OK to add image into Templates.

For more info visit folloving site: IV. Creating a table
1/ Press the "Insert/Edit Table" button on the toolbar. After that a popup window called "Table Properties" will appear.

2/ Set a basic table properties like width, height, column and rows count.

After that the table is inserted into template and you can write some text, insert all avaiable fields from choosen and related Modules or add some images into this newtable. You can also make some design adjustments like bold text, underline, …

For more info visit folloving site:

V. Using a products block template
1/ There is "Product block templates" item available for some modules that display product block. It contains predefined templates for proper display of products in theInvoices, Quotes, Sales Order and Purchase Order. You can simply add the whole product block template into your template and modify it according to your needs.

2/ You can make some changes in the selected templates, like add cell or row, change the background color. You can edit layout like a table.

3/ After adding new cell you can add some new variables

VI. Mapping products block with vtigerform
1/ Mapping values for result pricer available in Invoices, Quotes, Sales Order and Purchase Order.

Curreny – Euro, Dollar Currency symbol - €, $ Currency code – EUR, USD Subtotal – Price without VAT befor discount, by Tax Mode: group = Net Total Total discount – Final Discount amount Total discount (%) - Final Discount in % VAT – Total VAT amount VAT(%) - Total VAT in % VAT block – Thisis useful for some countries, that need to have the detail amount of VAT Total with VAT – Total price with VAT Shipping & Handling taxes – Final taxes for Shipping & Handling Shipping & Handling amount – Final amount for Shipping & Handling Adjustment – Adjustment from vtiger form Grand Total - Grand Total from vtiger form 2/ Mapping values for product bloc templates item available in Invoices,Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

Position – Number of position (1,2,3,...) Curreny – Euro, Dollar Currency symbol - €, $ Currency code – EUR, USD Name – Name and desription of product/service Name of product/service – Only the name of product/service Description of product/service – Description of product/service from module Product/Service Comment for product/ service – Comment for...
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