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GeoVision Blackberry Remote Viewing Guide
Geovision Blackberry Access Setup The Geovision software CD included with Geovision DVR cards and Geovision IP camera software includes a program on itcalled BBView. BBview is the blackberry application that needs to be installed. To install BBview, please follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Unzip Browse BBView folderwhich you have just unzipped, double-click and run Setup Proceed in each step. Select installation path and select Next to continue Proceed until installation has finished Connect your BlackBerry viaUSB to your computer and launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager In the menu, select Application Loader, which will display all the applications currently loaded on your Blackberry Locate Add button abovethe applications, click on the button to bring up add application dialog box Navigate to the folder as selected in Step 4. By default, the path is C:\program files\geovision\bbview. Locate the file inthe folder with .alx extension Choose OK and this application will appear in the list along with the other software installed previously 3 Once all desired applications have been introduced into theapplication loader, verify that each of the application has a check mark next to them. Click Next which appears below the list of applications BlackBerry Desktop Manager will perform synchronization andyour BlackBerry may restart Upon rebooting, GeoVision BBView should appear on the applications screen of your device

Connecting the Blackberry to GeoVision DVR To connect your BlackBerry phone toGV-DVR, follow these steps: 1. To activate TCP/IP connection on your BlackBerry, check with your phone service provider for the correct APN (Access Point Name) and configure the APN on your phone.(e.g. go to Options and TCP) For example, T-mobile APN is No username/password is neede 2. To connect to GV-DVR, select BBView application installed on your device (normally on...
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