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Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand pp y
Calculating the Demand in Your  Market

Necessary Resources The Demand Equation Finding the Trade Area Fi di hT d A

Necessary Resources
Accurate Demographic Information
– Census Data Postal Count Data – Postal Count Data

Forecast Demand for your Market


Supply &

Demographic Services
REGIS™  by SitesUSA ALLOCATE by Spatial Re‐engineering  Consultants (SRC) Consultants (SRC) SiteReports by ClaritasDemographic Reports by Buy Demographics Census

Types of Demographic Reports
Census Report
– Very accurate Calculated every 10 years – Calculated every 10 years

Postal Count Data
–Accurate based on people receiving mail at a  specific address – Calculated quarterly

Postal Counts vs Census Counts


Supply & Demand

Postal Counts vs Census Counts

Forecast DemandSelf Storage Almanac by MiniCo Publishing Supply Index by Net Rentable Sq Ft per person Market Equilibrium by CBSA (Core Based  M k E ilib i b CBSA (C B d Statistical Area)

Demand Equation3

Supply & Demand

Traffic Generators
Identify local traffic generators
– Google Earth – Drive the market Drive the market

Traffic PatternsTraffic Generators Drive the market Traffic Counts T ffi C


Supply & Demand

Trade Area
Use the following to determine a trade area:
– Location of competitorsLocation of traffic generators – Location of traffic generators – Traffic Counts

Your goal:
– Figure out whether Mrs. Smith turns left or right  out of her driveway and why!

5 Supply & Demand

Trade Area

Questions? For more information on this topic see the  following lesson: Shopping the Competition

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