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Editbox / Henry 8U Installation Manual

Model Number 2115-01-nnn Notice Quantel Limited accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and reserves the right to change the contents without prior notice. This document does not form part of the product’s Technical or Functional Specification and does not form part of any contractual agreement. This manual is achange controlled document. Please quote the revision status of this manual when re-ordering. This Manual is Revision “E”. Copyright © Quantel Ltd 1992-2002

2115-58-030 E

Quantel Installation Manual


Important Product Information
WARNING read the Important Product Information book before use.

Conventions Used
WARNINGS: Indicate danger to life and limb if theindicated statements are ignored, or the indicated procedures are not performed correctly. Cautions: Indicate possible damage to (or misalignment of) the equipment if the indicated statements are ignored, or the indicated procedures are not performed correctly.

WARNING (WM 2) Service Personnel - Maintenance and Calibration within the equipment enclosure is only to be carried out bySERVICE PERSONNEL. (12/97)

Equipment Isolation
WARNING (WI 5) Equipment Isolation - The plug on the power supply cord, for Pluggable Equipment, is considered to be the isolation device and therefore the socket-outlet must be installed near the equipment and shall always be accessible for this purpose. For permanently connected equipment, where the unit’s mains supply inlet is permanentlyconnected, a readily accessible disconnect device must be incorporated in the fixed wirring. (12/97)

Trade Marks
Most of the product names mentioned in this manual are manufacturer trade marks and are used within this manual only for the purpose of identification. Editbox, Henry, Ininity, Clipnet and Cliplink are trade marks of Quantel Limited.


Content 01/2002

2115-58-030 E

AboutThis Manual
This manual was written and produced by the Quantel Technical Publications Department. This is a change controlled document. Each page of this document is given an issue letter (shown at the bottom of each page with the drawing number and revision date) which represents the status of the page. Revision A on any page indicates that the page is the original. Any changes to any pageswill raise the revision status of the document. When re-ordering, always quote the document type, the documents number and revision status along with the unit’s serial number: A B C D E 06/1999 11/2000 02/2001 04/2001 01/2002 E25161 Release 7 E30053 Release 8 E30652 Release 8 E31205 Release 8 E32690 Release 9 All pages All pages All pages All pages All pages

2115-58-030 E

Quantel InstallationManual


Installation Check List
• Check all packaging for any sign of shipping damage before it is unpacked. • Ensure that installation sites meets the requirements detailed in chapter 2 - “Preparation”. • Unpack boxes in a clear area close to the installation site and follow all lifting guidelines. • Keep all paper work and documentation in a safe place as it will be required later. •Assemble and rack mount the system in accordance with the guide lines in chapter 4 - “Racking”. • Interconnect the system’s units together using the cables provided (or cables meeting the required specifications detailed in the Technical Specification supplied) as detailed in chapter 5 - “Connection”. • Configure the Mainframe and Control Station Interface box for correct video line rate (525/625)as detailed in chapter 6 - “Start-up”. • Start-up the system for the first time as detailed in chapter 6 “Start-up” and check basic operation of pen/tablet/menu. • Load system configuration passwords (listed on the “Software Authorisation” form supplied with the system) as detailed in the Setup & Administration Guide (on CD-ROM) • Configure the system for correct operation as detailed in...
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