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Limbo Dancer
• Instruction Manual •
Thank you for choosing Limbo Dancer, which has been designed by Paul Skinner, twice British National Fun Fly Champion, and was flown by him to win the 1998 championship. So versatile is the design that, with movements reduced, it makes an ideal advanced trainer and could be flown by anyone progressing from their first model. Quick and easy to assemble, yourLimbo Dancer can be flown on a standard 4 channel radio, but comes into its own when a computer radio with mixing and exponential functions is used. The prototypes were flown with both the Futaba FF6 and FF8 radios.

Ripmax Plc guarantees this product to be free from manufacturers defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover faultsarising from misuse or accident and the guarantee does not cover damage or malfunction caused by negligence, misuse, accident, unauthorised repair or modification. In no case shall Ripmax’s liability exceed the original cost of the purchased kit. In that Ripmax has no control over the final use, no liability shall be assumed or accepted for any damage resulting from the use of the product by theuser. By the act of using product, the user accepts all the resulting liability. If the purchaser of this product is not prepared to accept the liability associated with the use of this product, they are advised to return this product immediately in new and unused condition to the place of purchase. The above guarantee in no way affects your statutory rights as a consumer.

Contents List
• Fuselagew/tailskid • Wing w/ailerons • Fin/rudder • Tailplane/elevator Engine mount Fuel tank 120cc Wheels 56mm Pre-formed undercarriage Instruction manual Decal sheet Accessories: M2.3 x 10 screw M4 x 24 machine screw M3 x 16 self tapping screw 1 1 2 1 1 1

REQUIRED TO COMPLETE 4~6 channel radio with 5 standard servos .32~.38 2 Stroke engine Propeller to suit engine M3 x 3 set screw M1.7 x 12screw/nut M4 “T” nut M4 washer Throttle cable (black/orange) Aileron pushrod Saddle clamp Wheel collet Allen wrench Control horn Plastic snap link 4 12 4 4 1 2 4 2 1 6 2

RECOMMENDED Futaba Field Force 6 MDS .38 Pro

PART No. P-FP6XS L-MDS-03800 6 4 12 1 2 1 2 2 4

8 4 4

Metal snap link Threaded adapter Ferrules Closed loop wire 0.5 x 2300mm Plastic tubing 150mm Plastic tubing 90mm M2 threadedrod x 22mm Wing dowel 6 x 115mm aluminium Wing bands

Tools Required
Small crosshead screwdriver Medium crosshead screwdriver Model knife

Tick Boxes
Use the tick boxes provided to check off each stage of the assembly. Two boxes are shown where the operation is duplicated.

Before Commencing Assembly
Confirm that all parts are present against the parts list at above, and check that no partshave been damaged. If there are any areas where temperature changes have caused the covering film to slacken or bubble, an iron or heat gun may be used to re shrink the film.





Make up the aileron pushrods as shown. Locate the pre-cut slots for the hinges in both the ailerons and the rear of the wing, andcut through the covering film at these points. Epoxy the hinges into place in the wing, use GREAT CARE not to get epoxy onto the hinge line, as this will lock the hinge line solid.



Attach the pushrods to both the aileron servo arm and the aileron horn. Mount the aileron horns with M1.7 x 12 screws and nuts. When the epoxy has cured, dryfit the ailerons, and widen the slots asnecessary. Smear a small amount of epoxy on both sides of the hinges and carefully slide the aileron into place. Wipe off any excess epoxy immediately, and check that the aileron is free to move while the epoxy is curing.




Carefully cut away the covering film for the aileron servos.

Cut away the covering film over the servo lead access holes, then drop the aileron servos into place,...
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