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1. 2. Introducing and About this Refill Refill Content – Patches for the Combinator 2.1 BANK 01 – Combinator Stripes 2.1.2 Combi Bank 01 - Normal Style SYNTH Stripes 2.1.3 Malstrom Strip 2.1.4 Malstrom Strip + RPG8 2.1.5 SubTractor Strip 2.1.6 SubTractor Strip + RPG8 2.1.7 Thor Strip 2.1.8 Thor Strip + RPG82.2.1 Combi Bank 02 - Deluxe Style SYNTH Strips 2.2.2 Deluxe Malstrom Strip 2.2.3 Deluxe Malstrom Strip + RPG 8 2.2.4 Deluxe SubTractor Strip 2.2.5 Deluxe SubTractor Strip+RPG8 2.2.6 Deluxe Trance-M&S-Synth Combi Strip 2.3.1 Combi Bank 03 - Trance Style SYNTH Strips 2.3.2 Malstrom-Trance-Strip 2.3.3 Malstrom-Trance-Strip+RP8 2.3.4 Subtractor Trance Strip 2.3.5 Subtractor-Trance-Strip+RPG8 2.3.6Thor-Trance-Strip 2.3.7 Thor-Trance-Strip+RPG8 2.4.1 Combi Bank-04-DRUM Strips 2.4.2 Deluxe Redrum-Strip with Sep. Channels 10 Eq & 10 Comp outputs 2.4.3 DrRex Strip 2.4.4 Redrum Strip 2.4.5 Dr Rex Strip + Audio FX 2.5.1 Combi Bank-05-Sampler Normal Strips 2.5.2 Deluxe NN-XT Strip 2.5.3 NN-19 Strip 2.5.4 NN-XT Strip 2.6.1 Combi Bank-06-Sampler Dance Strips 2.6.2 NN19-Dance Strip 2.6.3 NN19-DanceStrip+RPG8 2.6.4 NN-XT Dance Strip 2.6.5 NN-XT Dance Strip+RPG8 2.7.1 Combi Bank-07-Sampler Orchestra Strips 2.7.2 NN19-Orchestra Strip 2.7.3 NN XT Orchestra Strip 2.8.1 Combi Bank-08-Complex Systems 2.8.2 MCS-Multi Channel Strip System 1.0 2.9.1 Combi Bank-09-Pad Strips 2.9.2 Malstrom-Pad Strip 2.9.3 NN19 Pad Strip 2.9.4 NNXT Pad Strip 2.9.5 Subtractor Pad Strip 2.9.6 Thor Pad Strip 3. Refill Content –RNS Patches for the Songbrowser 3.1 BANK 02 – Default Bands 3.2 BANK 03 – Default Racks 4. Refill Bonus Material & Thanks to

Introducing and About this Refill Welcome to my Refill the Template Strip Refill. Why a Template Strip Refill for Reason ? So let me answer, sometimes you will need a template for everything in one will make the same tread twice. Ithink the most , myself too, will make when reason is startet, music and don't work on serveral Standard Combinatorpatches again and again in each beginning by composing a song. In the last 2 years i develope a lot of combinator patches. DefaultSongs, Default Instrument Arrangements -Complete Band Settings for diffrent kinds of Music- for my self, that i must not even load all at the beginning new.If you do this you know that these takes a lot of times when you make this at the starting point in reason. And with these above here was my idea -We need all Templates in the beginnig or in the production-, i search the net and i found no „real“ template or Reason library with a lot templates they was usable in front of these thematic. And so i beginn to work on this Refill and make it for you.But this Refill is not for the Pro Users, so the beginners can use it too. So i think its a great help for beginning in Reason with these Template-Strip's too . And you can always learn about these patches as beginner. The Name Template Strip Refill is modified from the item „Channel-Strip“ Because i dont like only the old stale phrase „template“ in these thematic for Reason. Then each patch havecomplete own genre stylistcal audio routings in the Combinator. If you got one ore more question about connecting the combinator devices so please read the Reason 4 manual. I will not answer something.


2. Refill Content – Patches for the Combinator : The Refill is optimized and sorted in three diffrent Patch Bank categorys for a better finding theTemplate. the Patch Combinator content overview when the Refill is open:

2.1 BANK 01 – Combinator Stripes 2.1.3 Malstrom Strip

The Combinator Malstrom Strip is a patch where you can load in the first step your favorite malstrom synth patch. And in the second step you can define the sound settings by your own feel with the Eq and the compressor.

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