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Power Automation

Power Meter SIMEAS P

Catalog 2004 · 01


SIMEAS P is simple to configure, can be adapted to user's requirements and easily integrated into networks the SIMEAS P Power Meter for universal application. Due to the extensive functionality, the SIMEAS P as a measurement device for power monitoring and recording in all areas of industry. It can also serve as anelement of T.I.P. (Totally Integrated Power)

SIMEAS P sets new standards More than 80 measured values, e.g. phase voltages and currents, active power, reactive power, apparent power, symmetry factor, voltage and current harmonics, energy output as well as external signals and states – SIMEAS P shows this data directly on the graphic display (optional) or transfers them to a central computer systemfor further processing. This measurement device is for all users in a power engineering environment – whether for plant engineers, electricians or technicians.

Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this catalogue, SIEMENS AG assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the information contained in thiscatalogue. Reserved for changes!


SIMEAS P500/P550 - 7KG7500/7KG7550
Built-in device with graphic-display

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SIMEAS P600/P650 - 7KG7600/7KG7650
Built-in device with graphic-display, real time module, battery and measurement buffer

SIMEAS P610/P660 - 7KG7610/7KG7660

Power Meter SIMEAS P

Built-in device with graphic-display and analog/digital in-and output modules

SIMEAS P100/200 - 7KG7100/7KG7200
Snap-on mounting units without display

SIMEAS P – Configuration package
For configuration and calibration with a PC

Protection class IP54 Mounting kit for built-in units on 35mm rail

Selection and ordering data

Technical data

Regulations, Standards, Markings

Terminal assignments


Catalog 2004 •01 © Siemens AG 2004

Power Meter SIMEAS P

Power Meter SIMEAS P

SIMEAS P500/P550 - 7KG7500/7KG7550
Description Panel-mounted measurement device for electrical power monitoring Large, easy to read graphic display with illuminated background


Standard Profibus DP and Modbus RTU/ASCII communication protokoll for cyclic transmission of measured values to a central master stationSuitable for balanced and unbalanced three- and fourwire three-phase systems as well as single-phase systems Easy configuration and calibration with the buttons on the front panel of the device or via PC-based configuration software User-specific adaptation of the measured value screens 2 binary outputs (galvanically isolated solid state contacts) can be configured for energy pulses, limit violationsor status signals Measured parameters:
- R.m.s. phase-voltages - R.m.s. phase-currents - System frequency - Active, reactive and apparent power as well as power factor per phase and for the total system - Phase current and voltage imbalance - Harmonic voltages and currents up to the 21st. harmonic - Total current and voltage harmonic distortion THD - Active, reactive and apparent energy per phaseand for the total system
Fig. 1 SIMEAS P 7KG7500/7KG7550


Siemens Power Automation · 2004

Power Meter SIMEAS P

SIMEAS P500/P550 - 7KG7500/7KG7550

Application SIMEAS P 500 is a panelmounted device for direct electrical power monitoring. With a very simple configuration, the display of measured values is adaptable to the specific requirements of the user. Networklinking is possible with the integrated RS485 port equipped with the standard Profibus DP and Modbus RTU/ASCII communication protocol. That allows indication, evaluation and processing of several SIMEAS P measured parameters at a central master station. Technology Powerful onboard microprocessors ensure fast registration and updating of measured parameters. SIMEAS P can be connected to any power...
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