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Tac o Universal Dash Programmer h

Legal Disclaimer
The Universal Dash Programmer and all information in this manual are intended for repair of Odometers only. When buying this product, the buyer promises to use this product only in accordance with the laws of the state in which it is sold.

How to use the Universal Dash Programmer
Power supply
The Universal DashProgrammer handheld is powerded with 12 V by a 3,5 mm miniplug (port 1). Please use an AC adapter with at least 500 mA, better 1 A.

External power supply is necessary when programming a detached odometer. When programming through the diagnostic port, the handdeld is powered by the car through the port. The diagnostic plug is positioned in port 3. Warning: When programming through the diagnosticport, do not supply the handheld with power through port 1!

Start menu:
When supplying the handheld with power, you can see the start menu in the display. It offers the possibility, to change the backlight by pressing the STOP button. Now the handheld is asking for a password. This function is always activated when you get a Universal Dash Programmer, but you can switch it off ( options).Menu


After the start menu, you see the main menu with the different manufacturers and the menu OPTIONS, and SYNC. With button 8 you can move up, with button 2 down. Then the bar is on the desired menu, press OK. If you have chosen a wrong menu, you can quit by pressing STOP.

Menu Options
Choose language Here you can choose a different language for the Universal DashProgrammer. New PIN First you have to enter the old PIN. Then the handdeld asks you for the new PIN that you have to repeat again. The password consists of a combination of pressing 6 button of your choice.

Erase all eeps
With this menu you erase all data that you have saved before. First you have to press E to verify, then you have to enter your PIN.

Clear 1 EEP
Here you can erase the lastdata you have saved.

Verify PIN
With this menu you can switch on or off the password function when starting the handheld. With the button STOP you can switch it off. To switch it off you have to verify it with the password.

Menu updater
This is for new software, for example new manufacturers or models can be unlocked with this function. Therefore contact us.

NOTE: Generally softwareimprovements are installed by the start menu (0 for update).in the main menu updater is only used to unlock new programs.

Used for saving data from your handheld to your computer. This is done with the program Universal Dash and a 0-modem-cable. Choose SYNC when the program asks for it. Diagnostic programming Programming by the diagnostic-port of the car is the easiest and most safeway. Put the diagnosis-plug to the port and the other end to the handheld (port 3). Turn ignition on and choose the menu you need. Choose the Diagnostic function. Enter the desired mileage and press OK. More details for the different models are in the separate manual.

The handheld does not show the old value for all models. But if it is displayed, it must be the correct mileage (smallvariations are ok).

Programming by cluster plug
After removing the cluster from the car, connect it with the plug and the handheld. Power the handheld by port 1. More details for the different models are in the separate manual. Note: The handheld does not distinguish between the programming methods diagnosis and cluster plug, it always show you the option “Diagnosis”.

EEPROM programming Some cars have to be programmed directly by the EEPROM. Those EEPROMS can look like that:

DIL 8 pin Note:

SMD 14pin

SMD 8pion

The text on the EEPROM can differ from what you see on the picture. When you can read what is written on the EEPROM, you have pin 1 on the left side on the bottom.

Note: Often pin 1 is also marked by a small point like on the picture. There are 2 different...
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