Manual ubuntu 10.04

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Copyright ©  by e Ubuntu Manual Team. Some rights reserved. c b a is work is licensed under the Creative Commons Aribution–Share Alike . License. To view a copy of this license, see Appendix A, visit./, or send a leer to Creative Commons,  Second Street, Suite , San Francisco, California, , USA.

Geing Started with Ubuntu. can be purased from http://www.lulu. com/product/paperback/getting-started-with-ubuntu-/. A hardcopy of this book can be ordered for the price of printing and delivery. An electronic copy of this book can be downloaded for free. We permit and even encourage you to distribute a copy of this book to colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested. http://ubuntu-manual.orgRevision number:  Revision date: -- :: -

Prologue  Welcome  Ubuntu philosophy  A brief history of Ubuntu  Is Ubuntu right for you?  Contact details  Conventions used in this book 


Installation  Geing Ubuntu  Minimum system requirements  Installing Ubuntu  e Ubuntu Desktop  Understanding the desktop  Managing windows  Switingbetween open windows  Using the Applications menu  Using the System menu  Browsing files on your computer  Nautilus file browser  Searing for files on your computer  Customizing your desktop  Accessibility  Managing your computer  Geing help  Working with Ubuntu  Geing online  Browsing the web  Reading and composing email  Staying organized  Using instant messaging Microblogging  Viewing and editing photos  Wating videos and movies  Listening to audio and music  Working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations 

    .

Taking notes  Ubuntu One  Seing up Ubuntu One  Ubuntu One Preferences  More information   Hardware  Using your devices  Hardware identification  Displays Connecting and using your printer Sound  Burning CDs and DVDs  Using a webcam  Scanning text and images  Other devices 


Soware Management  Soware management in Ubuntu  Using the Ubuntu Soware Center  Managing additional soware  Synaptic Paage Manager  Updates and Upgrades  e Command Line  Introduction to the terminal  Ubuntu file systemstructure  Geing started with the command line  Introducing sudo  Managing soware through the terminal  Security  Why Ubuntu is safe  Basic Security concepts and procedures  System updates  Users and groups  Seing up a secure system  Troubleshooting  Resolving problems  Troubleshooting guide  Geing more help 


Learning More  What else can I do with Ubuntu?  Open Source soware  Distribution families  -bit or -bit?  Finding additional help and support  License  Creative Commons Notice Glossary 



Credits  Team Leads  Authors  Editors  Designers  Developers  Translators  Special anks  Index 

Welcome to Geing Startedwith Ubuntu, an introductory guide wrien to help new users get started with Ubuntu. Our goal is to cover the basics of Ubuntu (su as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications. We designed this guide to be simple to follow with step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots, allowing you to discover the potential of your newUbuntu system even if you are a novice computer user or are migrating from another operating system for the first time. Please bear in mind that this guide is still very mu a work in progress and always will be. It is wrien specifically for Ubuntu . , and although we have aimed to not limit our instructions to this version it is unavoidable that some things will ange over the...
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